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'Game of Thrones'' Ramsay Bolton on His Plans for Sansa, and Guess Who Was Gifted a Dragon Egg?

By Cindy Davis | Game of Thrones | May 12, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Game of Thrones | May 12, 2015 |

Yesterday, I wondered if we needed even one more minute with Ramsay Bolton. Well, today’s a new day and what do you know — we just might. Turns out Ramsay portrayer Iwan Rheon is a pretty cool guy who like Jack Gleeson (aka Joffrey Lannister) tries to find the humanity behind his character (dig deep, dude). After this past Sunday’s cringeworthy dinner scene, you might be even more worried for Sansa Stark than when Littlefinger first sprang his dastardly plan on her, but Rheon says Ramsay will have to “behave himself a little better —he’s a lord now.”

Speaking with MTV, the actor did a little self-analyzing (as Ramsay), and also addressed his relationship with Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy).

On whether Ramsay Bolton is any better than Joffrey Lannister:

“Possibly. I don’t know. It’s a difficult one, they’re both pretty awful. I think that would have to be down to a personal choice.”

(Personally, I’m saying Ramsay is definitely worse.)

How Ramsay took Daddy Roose’s charming “Tale-of-Your-Conception”:

“I think it’s the kind of story that he’d already heard… He’s been around. He’s a pretty bright kid, and he probably got into a few fights about somebody calling him a bastard; he probably overheard somebody saying the story.

But I think hearing it from his dad in the way that he said it, and the way that he ended it [with] ‘You are my son’ — it’s a huge moment for him emotionally. He’s having all of these things confirmed. It’s being told that he’s Roose Bolton’s son, which he wanted for so long. [But] I’m sure he’ll go off and think about it, and not be quite as caught up in the moment as he was.

…but if he [Roose] gets a legitimate son, how long is Ramsay going to live? He’s a nutter. Everything has a Machiavellian element to it.”

Will the younger Bolton be able to keep control of his *urges* when it comes to Sansa?

“He’s got to behave himself a little bit better — he’s a lord now. I think his dad said to him, ‘Listen boy, no more f-king about’… I think having his father there is a huge influence on Ramsay, because the problem with Theon was he was left alone with him while his father was off fighting a war. Ramsay was left at the Dredfort to his own devices; he was bored. So I think having his dad there is good in terms of Ramsay’s behavior, because he has to try and behave a little bit better.

But he’s over the moon with the whole situation — it couldn’t have turned out better. It’s the name for him, that means loads. If he marries her and they have children, then he’s got a really firm grasp on the north… Ramsay is excited… I don’t think he expected it to be quite so good when his dad told him he was getting hitched.”

With Game of Thrones’ history, is Rheon at all concerned about Ramsay’s impending nuptials?

“Obviously you are a bit worried as an actor that you’re going to get killed or something, but it’s nice to get to work with different actors on the show. You don’t always get an opportunity on a show like this. Some of those guys get around a lot, but I’ve been very isolated a lot of the time.

I got a really interesting storyline — Sansa going to Winterfell is just a huge, epic moment.”

About his relationship with Alfie Allen and on-set “weirdness”:

“Alfie is a great actor, and he just throws himself into it. It’s very difficult for him, this role, I really admire how resilient he is with it, because it’s very thankless. It’s always negative.

But yeah, we just get on with it. You have to remain professional and just do the scenes. And we get on off set, so it’s cool. That’s just our job, and we have to do it to the best of our ability. We’re just playing…”

(As for Allen, he seems perfectly untraumatized by the set goings-on; “We just go out and play pool in the evenings and have dinner…That’s really exciting, isn’t it?”


In related Game of Thrones news, Emilia Clarke (aka Mother of Dragons) continues her offhand revelations. In a new Harper’s Bazaarinterview, Clarke mentioned she’d love to abscond with one of those “really, really expensive” dragon eggs that someone else bought for his own Khaleesi:

“Apparently Jay Z bought one for Beyoncé, or something. I don’t know. They are really, really, really expensive and they are really fucking heavy and serious works of art.”

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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