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Three Trailers Are Up All Night To Get Lucky with Kidman, Clooney, And Bautista

By Jen Maravegias | Film | June 7, 2024 |

By Jen Maravegias | Film | June 7, 2024 |

A Family Affair.png

Just before the “From the Producers Of” credit came up on this trailer for A Family Affair I said to myself, “This feels a lot like The Idea Of You.” And then I knew why. I’m not a regular visitor to Romancelandia. But I’m totally here for this era of goddess worship we’re in where sexy young men are hitting it with super hot older women. The other way around has gotten boring and gross. Shine on, Gen X ladies!

A Family Affair stars Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, Joey King, Liza Koshy (Transformers: Rise of the Beasts), and Kathy Bates in a rare moment of elegant, sophisticated on-screen styling, yay!

It premieres on Netflix on June 28th.

Occasionally, these two rich white guys who enjoy hanging out together find a script that allows them to get paid to hang out together. I mean to say George Clooney and Brad Pitt have a movie coming out on AppleTV+. How incredibly exciting for them. It’s nice of Intern George (iykyk) to provide cover for his buddy during Pitt’s legal and familial problems.

I wish I could unknow everything I know about Brad Pitt so I could enjoy watching him in movies with George Clooney again. They work really well together and it used to be sexy. Anyway, here’s the trailer for Wolfs. Wolfs? Because they’re each a lone wolf? They couldn’t pluralize that properly for the movie? Wolfs? Really? Whatever.

Wolfs also stars Amy Ryan, Austin Abrams (Euphoria), Poorna Jagannathan (Never Have I Ever) and will be released in theaters on September 20th.

I am absolutely the dork who pointed at the screen and said “aww” when Pom Klementieff showed up across the table from Dave Bautista in this trailer for his upcoming action flick The Killer’s Game. They are very fun together. I enjoy a big-budget, ensemble action movie when they’re done right. This one looks like it’s going to be a good time.

The Killer’s Game will be in theaters on September 13th and also stars Ben Kingsley (Gandhi), Sofia Boutella (Prisoners Of The Ghostland), Terry Crews (America’s Got Talent), and Scott Adkins (The Accidental Spy). We should all go see it to help ensure Dave’s rescue dogs can continue living the life of luxury they deserve.

Everything Pharrell does seems like one-third madness, one-third genius, and one-third ridiculousness. This week’s lagniappe is no exception because, if you’re going to make a biopic, why wouldn’t you do it as a LEGO movie? This is 100% on-brand for Pharrell, and I can’t lie; I’m into it. When I get a biopic, it will absolutely be made of Lego.