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The Internet Figured Out the 'Last Christmas' Ending Twist and Paul Feig Wasn't Thrilled

By Mae Abdulbaki | Film | February 18, 2020 |

By Mae Abdulbaki | Film | February 18, 2020 |

last christmas.jpg

When the trailer for Last Christmas dropped last year, multiple fans had the ending pegged long before the film made its way to theaters. The internet, after all, is chock-full of fans with a keen sense for figuring things out.

So when Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding interacted throughout the Last Christmas trailer, it was a dead giveaway that this wasn’t the typical romance movie and something was up. Oh, and George Michael’s song being the film’s title played a big role in figuring out the ending, too. Oops.

Suffice it to say that director Paul Feig was none too happy about the internet figuring out the movie’s twist months in advance. Here’s what he told Collider:

“I wasn’t really frustrated that people were trying to guess it. What I was very frustrated with was that the media was just picking up on that and then putting out these theories, some of which were true, but printing them like spoilers, and I just had never seen that happen to another movie before where people, even though they didn’t know if it was that they were just actively trying to spoil something, you know what I mean?”

Mind you, most sites tend to put “theory” in the title. It would seem that Feig doesn’t know about all the Star Wars and Game of Thrones theories and spoilers that took over the internet at the time of their respective release dates. Fan theories are not new. Still, Feig says that he didn’t expect for it to happen, so it’s understandable why he thought it frustrating.

“It’s not like when Knives Out came out, people were like going, ‘I bet so and so was the murderer.’ So I didn’t quite understand why that was happening to a romantic comedy (laughs), so I found it very frustrating to be perfectly honest.”

That’s true, but the Knives Out trailer didn’t exactly offer up any clues to the plot anyway, so guessing wouldn’t have proven anyone right anyway. It would be easy to blame the marketing team, but apparently the trailer tested better with audiences when everyone knew Clarke’s character was sick, so that’s why that tidbit was left in there. It’s not the end of the world, though. I still enjoyed Last Christmas for what it was, even though the ending was easy to figure, trailer or no trailer.

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