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The 'Dynasty Warriors' Trailer Continues My Netflix Streak

By Claude Weaver III | Film | June 27, 2021 |

By Claude Weaver III | Film | June 27, 2021 |


Huh. If the third time is the charm, I guess my beat is now “blabbering about fantasy media on Netflix vaguely based on actual historical events/periods”.

Dynasty Warriors is based on the long-running video game series from Koei Tecmo. This particular franchise is mainly known for its massive hack and slash battles and colorful interpretation of the iconic Chinese historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

It’s about as accurate to the historical record as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (remember that?) and treats physics like it personally insulted the mothers of each and every coder and animator. Do not go into these games expecting a sober examination of war or a solemn adaptation of a classic piece of Chinese literature.

Some mofos decided that this should be a movie. Here is the trailer.

Based on Koei Tecmo’s namesake game. The Yellow Turban Rebellion breaks out in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. With the help of his trusted right-hand men Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, militia leader Liu Pei successfully suppresses the revolt. The calculating warlord Dong Zhuo takes advantage of the situation and takes control of the court, stirring further unrest.

Based on that description, it sounds like this will be taking on the first couple of chapters in the games’ story. I will say this: they certainly got the feel of the battles and music down pat, and even have what look like Musou attacks to me. So I’m on board for at least one watch if not more.

Dynasty Warriors premiers internationally on Netflix on July 1st, 2021.

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Header Image Source: Koei Tecmo