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Should You Watch 'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby' Hungover?

By Kate Hudson | Film | December 18, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Film | December 18, 2019 |


Well, I did it again. I went out. Things happened, and as a result, I had a couch day on Sunday. You know, couch day, where you tied it on too much the night before and as a result the only thing you can do is lie on the couch, in the dark, trying to beat back the misery that makes your entire body ache, and yes, you rue the decisions you made the night before. Couch days increase during the holiday period, what can I say? (Note—I did not try the hangover cure I wrote about that was recommended by Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana and Tom, because it had caffeine in it, and I had nowhere to be that day and I wanted to nap the pain away.)

On this particular couch day, I was feeling Christmas-y and decided to put on Netflix’s A Christmas Prince series (which currently stands at three movies, but I hope for more) because I knew that they would autoplay after the other, so I could get a solid 5 hours of hangover watching/napping on the couch without Netflix being judgmental and asking me if I was still watching. This was the right course of action to take because my hangover hunch turned out to be correct. Netflix did not judge me, even though I judged myself, harshly, that day.

For those of you who don’t know (and I didn’t because I had never seen these movies before) the A Christmas Prince series revolves around Queen Amber (!!! Hungover me definitely appreciated that name choice, y’all) and her husband Prince Richard (they get married in the second movie) of Aldovia. His family is there. Her family is there. Other people are there. None of this really matters because when you’re hungover, you need things with a very loose plot. This series delivers that.

The first movie tries the hardest, overall. This is where they meet, shenanigans ensue, and ultimately end up together. The second is where they get married (I slept the most during this one, so I’m very hazy on plot specifics but the wedding is in the title so there it is) and the third is where they have their baby but also, there’s a ghost and obviously this is the one where I paid the most attention.

Here’s why these are the perfect hangover movies. Nothing is a surprise in them. Like, nothing. So you know exactly what’s going to happen, so you can nap and not miss a thing. It’s also pretty light on sharp, sudden noises, or loud musical cues, which also helps you to pass out peacefully and be woken up as the hangover dictates, not the movie. What doesn’t totally work for a hangover is that the movies are fairly bright and colorful, but friends, that’s why if you need to sleep, you pull an Andy Cap and put your face to the couch cushions. Duh—sometimes the classics are classic for a reason.

Here’s why they also work for a hangover—the plots get increasingly dumb in an outlandish way, and they lean into the whole “Queen Amber-ness of it all” so by the time you’ve gotten to the third movie, which is basically about having the royal baby before a curse can take effect, a haunted dungeon, and some other royal families who are there also; the hangover is mostly vanquished and you can watch this dumb shit in all of its glory because it’s truly stupid in the very best way possible. No joke, it’s gloriously dumb, and I’m really glad that I experienced the A Christmas Prince series as I think God and Netflix intended—hungover on my couch, waiting for my pizza to come.

I thoroughly suggest you do the same if you find yourself having a couch day. Happy Holidays, everyone! Remember not to mix wine and tequila like I did! 🙌 🙌

Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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