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By Dustin Rowles | Film | November 25, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Film | November 25, 2009 |

Hi Iajiba! I saw Old Dogws tooday. I did not think that I would like it, but the more I watched it the more i grew to luv it. I think it may have make me dumber, but ignrnce is blessing, right?!!!It was a veree funny movie but hwen it was over, i had a weird puddle in my lap that seemed to cum from my ears. it was gray and sqooshy and when i went back to my car, and i feel like charlie in the last part of flowerz for algrnon and i forgot how to drive so i had to walk home and the rian it was very wet and now i am cold but i am veree happy becuase i got to see old dogs, which was very funny.

old dogs is about a old lday named robin williams and her best friend who is played by that man with a dimple who used to sing stayin’ alive (stayin alive … ha ha ha ha ha stayin aliv!) They work in an office and they are very funny together, cause the old layd is uptight and the stayin alive guy is a free spirit and they make a perfect team because …

loook! a penny!

so the old day she finds out she has two kids who are twins from another lady from the time that the old lady went to miamee and had too many funny drimks. and the old day and the dimple man they have to take care fo the kids while the mom is in jail for something i dunno. and then they mix up there pills and ha ha ha ha the old layd hits that cha ching guy in the balls with a golf ball ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha! and also the dimple man takes some midincine that makes him smile relly big like the joker and it is funny cause he was at a bereevement meeting and he could not stop smiling and he loved ot eat pie! it made my side split open and i think that mite be where my brane stem floated out. ha ha ha ha ha hah ahaha. it looks like conrad!

also, you should’ve seen it, cause there was this really funny sceene where that bernie mac guy, who is dead, plays like a gay guy who is a puppet master ha ha ha ha ha! and he made that old lady dance around by remote control ha ha hah ha ha! and then he cried!

you wanna see me swallow something and cough it back up!

anyway, like i was saying, it was a really funny movie and that old lady flies around on a jet pack like a reel superhero and he crashes into a birhtday party after the cha ching guy gets cuaght by a gorilla at the zoo and has to sing i’m all outta love and om hy god it was funny ha ha ha ha ha.

plz make the bad man go away.

i wish i coold remember more fo the funny scenes but right now i’m distracted by all the red in my spll chcker and i don’t know why its like it is laughing at me like i laughed at the movie ha ha ha ha. that old ldady is realy funny especially the part where he stayed int eh fake tan booth too long and everybody thoght he was a forighner! ha ha ha ha ha!

im very cold. ihave to go now. i have to make boom boom time! ha ha ha ha ha. see old dogs. it is very funny and hilarious and AWSUM!!!!!!!it is the feel good movie of are lifetime and you will not be dispointed! Hppy Thanginvk! BONZEYE!

Dstin Rolz iz the publsher of Iajiba. Pleze send him email but he cant read them. BYE!

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