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March Madness: Best Chris Bracket, Round 6: WHO WILL BE BEST CHRIS?

By Kristy Puchko | Film | April 12, 2019 |

By Kristy Puchko | Film | April 12, 2019 |


It’s been a long, hard road full of men who are long and…nope. Lost the thread there. ANYHOW! Over the past five weeks, we have whittled down the leading men of Hollywood to determine once and for all: Who is Best Chris? Because why should born-Chrises have all the fun?

What a time we’ve had! The actor formerly known as “Chris Pratt” got ousted from The Chrises in round one. So, henceforth he will be Chris(tian) Pratt as a nod to his love of a gay-hating god. (#Nohomophobe!) Round two taught me that YES, seeding mistakes were made! But Chris Evans and Chris Pine were always going to face off, why delay the latter’s inevitable defeat? Round three got rougher as Pajiba favorites Oscar Isaac, Ryan Reynolds, and Jason Mantzoukas were cast out of the competition. Then Round 4 cut loose John Cho and Samuel L. Jackson. And that brought us to the big four: Tom Hanks versus Keanu Reeves, and Chris Evans versus Jason Momoa.

This is probably the first time Hanks and Reeves have ever faced off for a role. Both have spent decades bringing us joy on the big screen. But it seems surfer smiles and sexy smolders overtook the widely beloved king of rom-comedy.


Then came the superhero showdown. Over this March Madness, there have been calls from Pine fans to team up Hemsworth fans and Jackson fans in a “vote for anyone but Evans” campaign. But Captain America would not be toppled by Aquaman. And the DCEU takes another bodyslam from the MCU with these poll results.


See the full results here.

Now we’re down to the final two: Chris Evans versus Keanu Reeves. The Human Golden Retriever versus The Dude Who’ll Kill For His Dog.

The responsibility is heavy. The time is now. Make the call.

To see results click the link above.

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Kristy Puchko is the managing editor of Pajiba. You can follow her on Twitter.

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