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Lindsay Lohan: My List Of Lovers Was One Of AA's 12 Steps

By Agent Bedhead | Film | April 18, 2014 |

By Agent Bedhead | Film | April 18, 2014 |

The new trailer for The Rover highlights an amazingly intense Guy Pearce and an amazingly inept Robert Pattinson. Try and understand one f*cking word this kid is saying. I dare you. (FD)

Not all The Daily Show correspondents to are Stephen Colbert or Steve Carell. Some have careers that go in the sh*tter after TDS. Here’s the 5 least successul post TDS careers of former correspondents. (Uproxx)

Rapper Andre Johnson, who was allegedly affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan, has lost his wang forever. To add insult to (obvious) injury, Wu-Tang said they have no idea who this guy is. In all fairness, there have been many Wu-Tang impostors over the years. That’s probably no consolation. (DListed)

Sinister 2 is moving full steam ahead and has announced a director. This announcement coincides precisely with my newfound ability to walk past windows at night without peeing my pants. Back to the drawing board. (Slashfilm)

Kim Kardashian is moving to Paris for one full month in advance of her latest televised wedding. Will the missing (fake) ass leave a void in our stateside lives? Don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll still be posting ass photos to Instagram. (IMO)

The Maleficent Funko figurine is absolutely adorable. Want. (TMS)

You probably haven’t caught up with Miley Cyrus lately. She’s been doing her own thing on tour instead of posing in gross shoots with Terry Richardson. But Miley has had a terrible month. Her dog died, and she’s now in the hospital with an “extreme” allergic reaction. It’s not pretty, and I feel terrible for her. (Celebitchy)

January Jones wears an all-black ensemble that somehow defies and inspires explanation. A great deal of explanation. (GFY)

Gwyneth Paltrow has not only “consciously uncoupled” with her real-life husband, she’s also done the same with her “work husband” too. What’s crazy is that there was an actual CEO running Goop. It’s a goddamn weekly newsletter with a one-paragraph intro from Gwyneth. The site takes the entire month of August off for holiday every year. A CEO, really? (Lainey)

The “Disney” Firefly rendering is both shiny and mercifully lacking in princess-y characters. (Unreality)

Remember Lindsay Lohan’s nearly endless list of lovers? It was — depending on how you look at it — both impressive and pathetic. Lindsay is trying to explain her actions. She says she wrote the list as part of her AA 12 steps at Betty Ford. (Us)

What do you call a sweetened carbonated beverage? The answer could tell us all where you live. Beware. (MF)

Shia LaBeouf is a millionaire yet refuses to change his pants. They’re not even cool pants, you know? They’re brown, velour-looking nightmarish pants. Method. (E!)

In 1951 Henrietta Lacks died from aggressive cervical cancer and left behind a sample of cancerous tissue that did what very little other human tissue had ever done before, it lived. Fyrehaar takes a look at an exploration of Henrietta’s life, the effect of her cells on science and society, and her family’s struggle to understand exactly what was happening to Henrietta. (Cannonball Read 6)

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