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Kate Beckinsale Has a Condition in 'Jolt'

By James Field | Film | July 1, 2021 |

By James Field | Film | July 1, 2021 |


I like lots of movie genres. There’s Jason Statham Punches Things, Comedic Deaths, Unironic Patriotic Chest-Thumping, Inevitable Horrific Consequences, etc. Of these, Kate Beckinsale Whips Ass is a treasured favorite. Since Underworld in 2003, Kate has returned every few years like a gorgeous comet to maim, shoot, and graphically murder men and monsters onscreen. This time it’s as Lindy, bouncer and homicidal maniac. It’s cool, though; Stanley Tucci gave her a whatsit she zaps herself with every time the urge strikes, so she can function in normal society. Then she falls for a guy who gets fridged and goes on a John Wickian rampage. Hilarity ensues.

“What is it about gross old men constantly underestimating women?” feels a bit on the nose, but you can’t argue with its accuracy. Any excuse to watch Beckinsale brutally punish a bunch of dudes works for me. And that cast!


Stanley Tucci. Susan Sarandon. Bobby Cannavale. Laverne Cox. Jai… Courtney? The one so bland I forgot to compare him to Lucas Black? Well, I’m sure he’ll be… present.


I wouldn’t say it looks good, but it sure as hell looks atmospheric and fun. And honestly, what more could you ask from a summer flick? You don’t even need to shell out for movie tickets or theater-priced cocktails. Jolt arrives on Amazon Prime on July 23.

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