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Jared Leto's Peacocking Self-Flagellation Continues in 'Blade Runner 2049'

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Film | September 8, 2017 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Film | September 8, 2017 |

Jared Leto does a lot of bullshit in the name of his ‘craft.’

Well, he says he does. Whether or not he actually follows through with half his pseudo-method posturing is another matter. After gaining a ton of weight to play Mark David Chapman in Chapter 27, a movie basically nobody saw, he took time out to be a middling rockstar before dragging up to win an Oscar for playing a trans woman. Now, we can’t get rid of the fucker. His take on The Joker, somewhere between a Juggalo, Old Gregg from The Mighty Boosh and every news story you see that begins ‘Florida Man’, was prefaced with months of nonsense news stories about his supposed intensity and refusal to drop character, to the point where he sent his fellow cast members sick ‘gifts’ like used anal beads and rats.

There’s some doubt over whether he actually did all that crap or if it was just Warner Bros. trying to make their crappy Suicide Squad film edgier following the disaster of shooting and editing. Leto’s misunderstanding of what methos acting actually is pissed off a lot of people, but he’s a straight white dude so repercussions were never on the table, and now he’s going to appear in Blade Runner 2047 because we never get nice things.

And the bullshit cycle has been reignited. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, director Denis Villeneuve said of Leto, ‘We all heard stories about Jared, how he transforms into the characters, but even this didn’t prepare me for what was to come.’

In order to play a blind character, Leto decided to wear special contact lenses that restricted his sight, meaning some poor set runner had to be his guide during the entire shoot. How considerate of him. Villeneuve continues, ‘He could not see at all. He was walking with an assistant, very slowly. It was like seeing Jesus walking into a temple. Everybody became super silent, and there was a kind of sacred moment. Everyone was in awe. It was so beautiful and powerful -I was moved to tears.’

I’ve partially lost my sight from rolling my eyes too hard.

Leto said, of his work for the role, ‘I didn’t dive as deep down the rabbit hole as maybe I’ve done before.’ Uh huh. Call me when you method act as a nice dude who’s considerate towards his co-workers and not a wank-rag.

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