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Jonah Hill Wants $10 Million to Play Somebody in 'The Batman' (He Hasn't Decided Yet)

By Mike Redmond | Film | September 25, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Film | September 25, 2019 |


This week saw some significant movement on The Batman front, which is pretty amazing for a film that was basically on life support after being left for dead in the backseat of Ben Affleck’s vape-mobile. If that hungover nanny hadn’t tried to make a pillow out of Jack in the Box wrappers, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. It was nothing short of a miracle.

Anyway, on top of the news that Jeffrey Wright will play Commissioner Gordon after Mahershala Ali passed on the role to play Blade — Seriously, that’s what you brought the man, Warner Bros.? The old cop who talks to Batman. Wow. (No offense, Jeffrey Wright.) — Jonah Hill’s name is now in the mix. However, initial reports have been unable to nail down whether he’s being looked at for Riddler or Penguin, and that’s because he can’t decide between the two. Also, Hill is holding out for a buttload of cash, namely more than twice what Robert Pattinson is making, according to Variety reporter Justin Kroll.

If Hill can’t decide between the two roles, that means they’re both in the film, which adds further fuel to the rumor that The Batman will adapt The Long Halloween. And while I have some reservations about pulling from that source material again — it was a heavy influence on the Nolan films — I’m honestly here for anything that isn’t Batman literally trying to murder a moody-ass Superman in the face. The DCEU seems to be turning a corner (What’s up, Birds of Prey?) so it’d be nice to see that whole universe stop looking like Marvel’s lower-tiered, annoying little sibling. There’s a reason the DC characters have stood the test of time and have been fan-favorites for decades. I f*cking love ‘em!

That said, does a Batman movie need Jonah Hill that badly? C’mon. I know the DC movies are crawling out of a hole, but is Hill really that big of a draw? You’re either pumped to see a new Batman movie, or you’re not. How the hell is Jonah Hill moving the needle here?

But, if it leads to brutal press junkets like the one below, pay him. Pay him whatever he wants. For the love of God.

(Did I write this piece just to post this video? MAYBE.)

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