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A Movie Review for Schmucks

By Dustin Rowles | Film | July 30, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | Film | July 30, 2010 |

Paul Rudd plays Tim. Tim is up for a promotion better job at the company he works for. In order to procure get the better job, Tim has to bring an eccentric addleplate idiot to dinner so that he and his co-workers can deride make fun of him. Tim’s girlfriend, Julie (Stephanie Szostak) thinks this is a very mean idea, and asks Tim not to do it.

Tim meets Barry (Steve Carell), who is employed with the IRS is a tax man that has an interest in taxidermy likes to stuff dead mice and make them look like mice versions of famous paintings. Barry is peculiar different. Tim decides to invite him to the dinner. Julie gets mad. They get in a fight. Barry comes over to Tim’s apartment one night early. Barry makes the situation worse messes up everything in Tim’s life. Julie leaves Tim. Tim blames Barry. Barry and Tim have an argument. Barry comes to the dinner anyway. The dinner is at the end of the movie. The movie last one hour and 55 minutes. The dinner is only in the last 20 minutes. Everything in the movie before the dinner is unfunny. The dinner is unfunny.

Zack Galifianakis The guy from The Hangover has two scenes. He thinks he can control minds. It is not funny. Steve Carell makes a lot of funny faces which are not funny. Paul Rudd is a charming person; he is not funny in this movie. Jay Roach is incompetent a very bad director. Dinner for Schmucks is less funny than Meet the Fockers. That is very unfunny. There is nothing redeeming good in this film, which is based on Francis Veber’s 1998 French farce Le Dîner des cons a movie from another country. The original movie was funny because it was mean. This movie is neither mean nor funny. All the jokes are like five-year-old Internet memes running jokes that were very popular on your computer. I nodded off fell asleep twice. I did not like this movie. I do not think that you will like this movie. You should not pay to see it. You should not see it for free. If you see this movie on a plane, and you have nothing better to do but to watch it, ask the pilot to steer the airplane into the ocean. That will be more funny than this movie.

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