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'Caddyshack' Is Not a Good Movie

By Courtney Enlow | Film | September 15, 2016 |

By Courtney Enlow | Film | September 15, 2016 |

It’s not.

You only think you like it because you so enjoy the supporting characters, the people and moments we all think of when we think of Caddyshack. But no one actually likes this movie as a movie.

It’s a narrative and editorial mess. The film is ostensibly about caddies. That’s where the name comes from. It’s about Danny and Irish girlfriend who was definitely not actually Irish in real life and whose character’s surname was “O’Hooligan” and also about the other caddies whose names no one knows. And Lacey Underalls who has no purpose but pretty and breasts and human hole for characters to fill and other characters to get angry about said hole-filling. Also, I think there’s some manner of real estate property sales and also scholarship application processes and something about possible pregnancy.

But no one cares about any of that stuff because we’re all, “GOPHERS! CHEVY CHASE MAKING MOUTH SOUNDS! BILL MURRAY EXISTING! RODNEY DANGERFIELD FIELDING DANGER! TED KNIGHT BEING!” and we love and respect everyone involved as comedy icons and heroes. And those great moments are great.

The actual movie? It’s terrible and you know it.

Sit down and watch Caddyshack right now. All the way through. Literally no one likes the entire movie. It’s not possible.

Come. The fuck. At me.