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Based on the Logline, Can You Identify If the Movie Is a Horror Flick or a Family Film?

By Dustin Rowles | Film | April 12, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Film | April 12, 2018 |


1. A giant metal machine programmed by the government to destroy little boys holding toy guns crashes from space into 1950s Maine, eats electricity and derails a train.

2. A grieving couple, bereft over their inability to have children create a list of characteristics that would form the perfect child, plant the list in their garden, and grow a little boy with leaves attached to his legs who digs his way out of the Earth and infects a small community with the sads, haunting grown-ups with cuteness, and eventually returns to the ground.

3. A loving family who lives in rural America and grows their own food silently plays board games so as not to disturb their blind neighbors.

4. A rat escapes from its colony, travels through the sewers of Paris, and secretly takes over as a chef at a French restaurant, where it endeavors to avenge the death of a man named Gusteau by making a dinner that a pale, thin man will not soon forget.

5. A man, who wears a red-and-green striped sweater and a fedora, finds that he can have a powerful effect on the real-world lives of teenagers after he visits them in their dreams.

6. A boy being raised by his single mom becomes fixated with a character from a pop-up storybook, who comes alive and shows the boy’s mom visions of her late husband. The character eventually moves into the home and helps foster a bond between the son and his mother, who feeds the storybook character earthworms.

7. An interracial couple has reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, and the girlfriend invites her boyfriend to a weekend getaway where her white, Obama-loving family goes that extra mile to try and make the boyfriend feel comfortable and kick his smoking habit.

8. A sentient trash compactor abandoned on a dystopian planet covered in garbage develops an obsession with EVE, which he deactivates using a plant-like organism and then clings to her when she is collected by the human owners on her spaceship.

9. Set in 1981, a sweet 12-year-old boy who is frequently bullied befriends what appears to be a pale girl of the same age; the two become inseparable, form a blood bond, and engage in a common interest: Teaching bullying school children valuable lessons!

10. A horrifying tritagonist trapped in the long-term memory of a troubled little girl witnesses the destruction of Imagination Land, gets imprisoned on top of a terrifying, mad clown called Jangles, and her childhood imaginary friend, Bing Bong eventually fails to escape and is destroyed in the little girl’s Memory Dump in the most traumatizing character death of the decade.

11. An aspiring 12-year-old musician becomes trapped in the afterlife with the remains of his dead relatives and eventually becomes a central figure in a feud between the skeletal remains of a man forgotten by the living and the man who murdered him in order to steal his career.

Key: 1. Family (Iron Giant), 2. Family (The Odd Life of Timothy Green), 3. Horror (A Quiet Place), 4. Family (Ratatouile), 5. Horror (Nightmare on Elm Street), 6. Horror (The Babadook), 7. Horror (Get Out), 8. Family (WAll-E), 9. Horror (Let the Right One In), 10. Family (Inside Out), and 11. Family (Coco).

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