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The 10 Best Comments of the Week Asks the Question of the Ages: Man or Muppet?

By Prolixity Julien | Eloquent Eloquence | December 23, 2011 |

By Prolixity Julien | Eloquent Eloquence | December 23, 2011 |

Eloquent Eloquence is a compilation of the ten best comments of the week. Comments in reviews are not eligible for inclusion.

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10. Hey, if you guys want to watch bloody, sweaty man-fights you should come to my family Christmas party. This year we’re calling it - Santacus: Whiskey Carnage. - Bert .

9. Clearly TMZ has every right to publish anything they want. it’s not a question of weather or not it is legal for them to print the photos. It’s just a question of having a little fucking decency. This isn’t some dumb starlet “accidentally” flashing her cooter to whatever camera happens to be around, it’s someone’s child who has died. Something painful and personal to this family, whether or not they are on TV. Believe it or not, even reality TV people deserve a tiny bit of privacy now and again.

Who knows, maybe the Duggar family doesn’t mind having the pictures online. After all, as a lot of people mentioned above, it’s about healing and maybe showing others that a miscarriage or the death of a child doesn’t have to be a soul destroying event, that maybe their faith (whether or not you happen to agree with it) gives them enough comfort that they can memorialize their obviously wanted and loved child with smiles on their faces and maybe show other people going through the same issues that it can eventually be OK. Who knows? Everyone grieves differently.

The issue shouldn’t be about how this family decided to celebrate their daughter and sister…however they decided to do that is their business. The issue should clearly be that the press, whether or not they are backed by the constitution and free speech laws, needs to show a little human compassion and maybe a little class now and again. This kind of thing isn’t in the public’s best interest to know. Someone said above that even if the Duggars went to TMZ themselves and handed over the pictures, maybe they should have said no. Hell, I’ll even say that if the family did go to them, then I wouldn’t feel as squicked out by this whole situation as I do. However, until I find out that the family passed on the images and TMZ didn’t just scoop them off of the internet, I’m coing to continue to be disgusted by this particular act of intrusion.

TMZ is a slimy, disgusting, underhanded, intrusive organization, and I’ve thought that for as long as they’ve existed…but damn, this is just a step farther than I thought even they would go. - ZombieNurse

8. I just knew when Mendes and Gosling became a couple he wouldn’t be able to keep that shit quiet. If I were rich I’d be on a fine bitches’ ass on some secluded island eating grapes out of her pussy. Gosling ain’t hitting that ass the right way. Because if he was, she would have him up somewhere tapping that ass. He’s doing the video thing in hopes of trying to show her he can still make her happy without a good fuck game. - Pookie

7. I’m going to assume that you are NOT mocking Any Which Way But Loose , which is the finest trucker-with-an-orangutan-sidekick movie ever created. Because if you WERE, MRod, we’re gonna have to fight.

That said, Clint, dude, what the why the hell in the what? - Ghisent

6. Personally, I feel the last season of Wizards of Waverly Place was pretty underwhelming, particularly given the possibilities for tension due to the looming Wizard Competition. Instead the show got bogged down in trite teeny-bopper relationship squabbles (resolved in 22 min, natch), and a non-sensical story arc involving angles, vampires, and werewolves. Max was not given nearly enough screen time, and Alex seemed to be just treading water, instead of growing into the Wizard she was meant to be. While David Deluise continued to turn in electric performances as the slow-witted but affable Jerry, even his charisma was not enough to keep the season from collapsing under the weight of its own expectations. Disney needs to take a page from Nickleodeon’s playbook - did anybody see the whole Freddy, Sam, and Carly love triangle coming on iCarly? Didn’t think so bitches. - Greedy

5. Grease is historical fiction because it dramatizes the invention of mooning. - Three-nineteen

4. I’ve always gotten the impression from John Cusack that he’s looking for the opportunity to write a manifesto. - Fribbley

3. It’s the cover of “Clue-The Kardashian Edition.” I’ll say it’s Mrs. Ambergris on the Soundstage with the thong. - Mrcreosote

2. Every week I watch Once Upon a Time, I just want Rumpelstiltskin to win. He’s just a small time businessman providing valuable services that no one want to pay him for! Of course he collects his debts, how else is he supposed to pay goblin-rent?

Rumpelstiltskin/ Ron Paul 2012. - Matty

1. “Man or a Muppet” is the best original song in the history of ever. EVER! Fuck your Mozart, fuck your Pink Floyd, fuck your Rebecca Black! I will stab ever musical instrument I see from now until the end of time because it’s not playing “Man or a Muppet”! Saxophone? It’s getting a stabbing. Piccolo? A tiny stabbing, but a stabbing nevertheless. Percussion section? I’ll cut a bitch-ass tympani. If Gaga’s on any award show this year, I will march on stage, stab her piano and punch her in the face for wearing a frock made out of goldfish, unless she is playing “Man or a Muppet”. Then I will sit quietly in sweet bliss while the ducet tones of that masterpiece wash over me.

Am I a MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN or am I a muppet? Seriously, a question of the ages. - Quorren

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