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Eloquent Eloquence: SQUIRRELCANO!!!!! Edition

By Mrs. Julien | Eloquent Eloquence | July 5, 2013 |

By Mrs. Julien | Eloquent Eloquence | July 5, 2013 |

Eloquent Eloquence, SQUIRRELCANO!!!!! Edition, is a compilation of the best comments of the week. Comments in non-Dustin reviews are ineligible for inclusion.

The This Whole Thread Was Delightful Comment of the Week goes to Rykker because you know Syfy is writing this down:


sailor moon alarm clock.jpg

The Why….Why…Why Is It Over Her Anime Womb? Comment of the Week goes to BWeaves with a set up from Sara_Tonin00. Also, try the veal!:

Because her biological clock is ticking.

The Her “For Your Consideration” Post Goes Up Next Week Comment of the Week goes to foolsage :

Felicia Day is available in a variety of prescription strengths for those seeking redheaded geeky cuteness. I suggest starting with and moving from there in whichever direction suits your fancy. E.g. the Flog (Felicia’s video blog) is entertaining, and is available at for the low low price of a little of your time.

The Nuking the Avocado Green Fridge Comment of the Week goes to Some Guy because someone on Pajiba ALWAYS knows the scientific answer and is more than willing to impart it:

Making any claims based off of trailer editing aside,

The severity of injuries in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were often dependent on what color clothing you were wearing at the time. There is tons of documentation, pictures, etc, showing women exposed to the blast with horrible burns that trace the dark ink used in the pattern of their white kimono,.

The white cloth reflected much of the radiation, leaving the sin underneath relatively unburned, while the dark cloth absorbed it and turned the skin under into carbon.

In Hiroshima, there are even pieces of paper that were exposed to the blast. School children had been practicing drawing their arabic numerals, 1,2,3,4, etc, on down. The dark ink used to draw the numbers burned out, leaving the rest of the white paper untouched.

The physics of nuclear weapons are crazier than you might think.

Not saying the movie isn’t stupid for doing anything of the nature, but still. Let’s not all pretend we’re experts on the physical effects of close proximity nuclear explosions.


The You’ve Just Spoiled the Climax That Fox Has Been Building To Comment of the Week goes to becks and becks for the intro, too:

I tend to believe that Beck and Coulter are the real life parents of Joffrey Baratheon but I guess I’ll have to wait until Martin finishes the story.

The You Have a Gift for Simile Comment of the Week goes to icravefreshbrains whose prize, coincidentally, is fresh brains:

when I opened my daily Pajiba, I could not have known that the image i would see would lift me from the funky recesses of boredom and spring happiness into my heart. It’s like eating a Strawberry Banana Molten Lava Cake Sundae with my eyes. A Sundae name Jake.Thank you.

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The A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words Comment of the Week goes to Batesian who is showing that picture to a hairdresser even as you read this:

Yes, but are we not going to talk about that other dude’s hair? Seriously, he’s like Flock of Seagulls and anime had a baby.

The If This Exchange Isn’t on EE I’m Going to Start Thinking There’s a Conspiracy Comment of the Week goes to zeke_the_pig and Mrs. Julien because emmalita said so:

zeke_the_pig: Dustin, we’ve all brought you here today because we care about you, we worry about you, and we want you to get better. Yes, this is an intervention. Don’t worry, there’s wine-in-a-can, but you have to admit that you have a problem. A Vaughn problem. And you have to get help.

Mrs. Julien: [stands up, unfolds letter]

Dustin, I care about you. I wish only the best for you. When you speak approvingly of Vince Vaughn it makes me feel sad. I love and respect you. I want you to be happy. Watching you destroy yourself day by day is breaking my heart. I know that sometimes stewarding this site is challenging. It’s hard for me to watch you struggle, but it can get better. We can help you, if you will let us.

—- I’m sorry. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry —-

I will always be your minion, but I have decided that, for now, I will have to overlord you from a distance. I cannot watch you hurt yourself any longer. Please don’t let Vince Vaughn drive you away from us. Will you let us help you?

This is Mark. You can get up and go with him right now. He has a special room where you can watch Couples Retrea and Fred Clause on a loop. They can help you and they have HD. Will you go with Mark?

We love you and we will all be here for you when you return.

Yours in Christ,

zeke_the_pig: *bursts into room with loaded revolver*

Where the hell’s that damn bastard?!

If this Vaughn sonofabitch is why we don’t play nightcrawlers anymore, Dustin, I’m gonna start a goddamn grease fire!

Mrs. Julien: zeke, you are forgetting the guidelines we discussed. Dustin needs to know we care about him. Use “I feel” statements. Try this:

I feel like we need to find that damn bastard, Vaughn. [waving gun around] I feel that Vaughn is getting in the way of our chance to interact Dustin. I feel like he is a barrier between us. I miss our time together playing nightcrawlers. I feel the barrier can be removed with fire. Will you let me help you by starting a grease fire?

zeke_the_pig: I’m sorry, I just… I just get so choked up with rage, I…

You’re right.
You’re right.
Dustin, I…feel…that, as your friend, I have to tell you that I…feel…that you have lost control of your critical faculties, and, seeing this in you, it…it just…it makes me…feel…grease fire in your kitchen.

The Comment of the Week Comment of the Week goes to foolsage who, some will note, made the list twice this week. Well played, sir or madam:

TK: I give this comment… the finger

foolsage: I give your gift of a finger 3 stars. The finger was tersely presented, which I appreciated. The ellipsis left me hanging for a bit (what will he give this comment? will it be flowers? a coupon? genital herpes?), but in the end my tension resolved satisfactorily. Would read again.