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Your Words Are Infectious

By Miscellaneous | Comment Diversions | January 20, 2011 |

By Miscellaneous | Comment Diversions | January 20, 2011 |

We have a pretty diverse and eclectic range of people here at Pajiba and consequently we tend to receive a fair array of viewpoints from our readers. While I think we all share a general love of film, literature and pop culture to varying degrees, I always find it amazing that we’ve got individuals from so many walks of life.

Another commonality that many of us share is a love for writing. This may seem like a bit of an odd direction to go with this piece but I’ve noticed that many of the regular commenters on the site have mentioned screenplays or novels or what have you at various different times during my (counts fingers) five years of perusing your Pajiba. Since it seems to be a fairly common trait amongst the readership I figured I would do a little exploring. What actually started me thinking about the forthcoming question is a couple of comments which were posted on Jason Harris’ heartfelt and moving piece on his relationship and some of the questions leveled at Dustin when he gave his The State of Pajiba address.

I don’t consider myself a writer. The question I often ask myself (and I’m sure you ask Dustin too) is why I was recruited to contribute to the already sterling reputation of this particular website? I have to write as a professional (who doesn’t) but it’s mainly very dry and ultimately unfulfilling letters telling people “no” and to “smarten the fuck up” combined with various forms of legislation and documentation. Writing comments on Pajiba was the first time since high school that I had really written anything that I enjoyed. Whether that’s a sad indication of my ability or decries my lack of creativity can be debated but the fact of the matter is that it’s what started me on a path toward spewing my literary barf upon an unsuspecting and largely un-interested world.

Then, about a couple of years ago, I started a (now defunct) blog for no real reason other than this: catharsis. My profession requires me to be as nice as possible to people who are forced by law to give me large amounts of money and therefore (according to my employer) have the right, if not the solemn duty, to give me shit about everything. Being that I deal with the public I’m also forced to confront the chronic human condition known as Colorectalcraniumism, which can make for an extremely stressful day. I began to find that I felt a lot better after I had bukkaked my frothy rage all over the internet in a disturbing orgy of misspelling and bad grammar. I didn’t particularly care if anybody read it, or liked it, or even acknowledged that it had any value beyond being a place where I could say whatever my twisted and blackened little heart desired.

That’s it. I write because I find it cathartic and sometimes that’s what one needs. I have a suspicion that it’s why Jason wrote that piece as well and I have no fear that he’ll correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe it’s not standard Pajiba fare but I am decidedly unsure what would be considered the norm for this place. You’ll probably notice that in most of my posts I relate to the subject matter in some personal way. I don’t think that this is the best or proper way of writing a post, but I do it that way because I find that it’s much easier for me to produce something passable and it’s more enjoyable for me to put it into that sort of context. We all try to keep things as non-bloggy as possible but the personality that the writer’s work is imbued with is part of what gives Pajiba its charm and what has kept me here for so long. If I wanted to read or write sterile and heartless prose I would read a newspaper article or a fucking textbook.

When it’s all said and done, and as selfish as it is, I do this for me. I don’t have aspirations of being a writer and I don’t hope to one-day make money from it because then it becomes a job and I already have one of those. I admire people who do it for a living and I’m in awe of those who love it and try to or do make a profession out of it. Really, that’s what I want to know - why do you write? Feel free to tell us what you are writing too.

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