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Words with Pajibans

By Mrs. Julien | Comment Diversions | May 27, 2013 |

By Mrs. Julien | Comment Diversions | May 27, 2013 |

English has the largest vocabulary of any language. Mostly because of a willingness, like the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church before it, to absorb whatever is in its path. We like it? Well take it! Salsa? Portmanteau? Agita? Schadenfreude? Congratulations! You’re English now!

What’s your favourite word from your first language? dovetail, metaphysical

What’s your favourite word from a foreign language? fremdschamen

Is there a word you overuse? lovely

What’s your least favourite word? I have a very hard time saying this word out loud. Please don’t make me write it. It’s the four letter word beginning with “f” that describes a body’s release of gas. I also hate the word “belly”.

Do you have a favourite regional expression? I may not have mentioned this to y’all, but I’m a Canadian living in the United States. While in the past, I may have opted for “deke”, or “take a boo”, or even “fu(king the dog” for this option, now my favourite Canadianism is “eh?”, as in “That was lovely, eh?”. Every time I hear myself say it, I can hear my own accent and it reminds me that, no matter what, at heart I’m still Canadian, still me.

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