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"Hey Won't You Play Another Somebody-Done-Somebody-Wrong Song ..."

By Tater Barley Banks (aka ,) | Comment Diversions | September 12, 2009 |

By Tater Barley Banks (aka ,) | Comment Diversions | September 12, 2009 |

So who are you hating on? I don’t mean the Michael Bay/Megan Fox kind of hate, that warm glowing kind of hate we all can generate at the drop of an Eloquent. I mean the personal kind, the volcanic kind, the kind that just thinking of the hatee makes the bile climb from the depths of your bowels until it’s steaming out your ears and blowing off your hat and bugging out your eyes like some “a-OOO-ga a OOO-ga” Chuck Jones cartoon.

Oh yes, you are. Somebody, sometime, somewhere, somehow done you wrong, and you’ve never forgotten and you’ve never forgiven.

Your brother or sister. Your mom or dad. That jerk of an ex. That guy in high school who mocked your geeky clothes. Me for winning EE (squeeeeeee!)

Oh yes, you are. You’ve been carrying that grudge for so long your psyche looks like Quasimodo and your friends are tired of the scrapie-scrapie sound it makes as you drag it around. You’re sullen and angry and you won’t shut up about it. WON’T.SHUT.UP about it.

Well, as much fun as that can be, isn’t it time to let it go? Your friends tell me it is.

So. Welcome to Pajba’s first ForgivenesSaturday. I want your hate, people. I want your bile, your invective, your spewing gobs of … of

Ew, spewing gobs.

Anyway, get your hate on in the comments. Get it all out. Don’t omit a single thing that MOTHerFUCKer did to you. Lambaste that bastard.

And then? … let it go. Let it gooooooo. Forgive if you can. If you can’t, forget. And then move on. Embrace the sweet, sweet catharsis.

And if all else fails, have another drink.

You’ll feel better, and that’s what weekends are for.


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