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Which 'Black Mirror' Reality Would You Choose To Live In?

By Kristy Puchko | Comment Diversions | October 28, 2016 |

By Kristy Puchko | Comment Diversions | October 28, 2016 |

Spinning stories that take modern technological marvels to their most unnerving extremes, Black Mirror has swiftly become must-watch TV that inspires intense fandom and nightmares. But what if you had to choose a Black Mirror world to live in?

The Overlords share our picks. Share yours in comments.

RileySan Junipero


Okay, so, yeah this one is a fairly easy one to pick. It’s the closest that any Black Mirror episode has come to being optimistic or happy. And of course I get that’s not the point, but this episode was a very, very welcome deviation following “Shut Up and Dance.” It felt like it took the ‘Cookie’ type technology of ‘White Christmas’ and gave it a practical spin, one that shows the real beneficial aspects of the tech. Now, the existence of that episode of course says that there’s a really risky element to this type of technology, but the version of it in “San Junipero” took two women who were in pain, whose lives had been taken from them and gave them both a second chance. Even the post-credits scenes that try to make the reality of what is happening seem more cold and harsh as we see Kelly and Yorkie being loaded into a massive mainframe, just another sets of switches in an unending computer, it didn’t shake my glee in this beautiful episode one bit. Even if the whole thing gets switched off tomorrow, they still get this little but of extra time together and that’s pretty awesome. Shut up, you’re crying.

Who am I kidding? Immortal girlfriends! Immortal girlfriends for everyone!!!

Grainger HeavensbeeBe Right Back


Losing a spouse is something impossible for most people to fully recover from, but having a love-making clone that looks exactly like your spouse (or better yet, exactly like Dom Gleeson) can refill that hole in your heart maybe 40 percent of the way, with other other 60 percent being filled by general creepiness and guilt. In my estimation, that’s better than a heart filled 100 percent with grief and desolation, so sign me up for the Domhall Gleeson clone. In fact, forget the spouse dying part — just sign me up anyway. He can clean my house, run errands and perform “other services,” as necessary. If there’s a two-for-one deal where you get a Hayley Atwell clone, as well, I’m willing to experiment … for science!

Petr - The National Anthem


The one where the Prime Minister fucked the pig, because I already live in an England where that happened and there’s some good stuff too here like Jeremy Corbyn and pubs that serve Czech beer.

Dustin - Hated in the Nation


I’m not suggesting that people who wish other people death on social media, or that those involved in mass shaming, should receive the death penalty. However, I’m not totally against having a fleet of hundreds of thousands of android bees inflict agonizing pain (without any long-term affects) onto those who would, say, suggest we take up arms if a certain candidate is elected president. What happened to Justine Sacco — and others like her — is damn near criminal, and I am all for inflicting consequences on those who would engage in Internet pile-ons of average citizens.

Kristy - White Christmas


I know. The whole Cookie/enslavement/imprisonment thing is the flipside to “San Junipero” and all kinds of horrifying. But man do I wish I could block people IRL. There’s something so satisfying about muting trolls on Twitter or unfollowing high school friends who’ve grown up to be Trump stumping horror shows. Virtually, you get to cut this toxic relationships short, and with the click of a button. How convenient! Now, imagine if you could do that to assholes you have to deal with in person every day. You could silence cat callers with the swipe of a finger. You’d never again have to interact with office creep who who thinks people these days are just too damn PC. Or at the very least, you could block him during lunch breaks. I guess there’d be the downside of other people blocking me back, which would be dispiriting, sure. But honestly, I’d take that tradeoff to get out of one more conversation with a socially repulsive moron who thinks I own them infinite minutes of my day, energy, patience and attention.

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