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What's Your Favorite Horror Movie That Isn't Great At Its Job?

By Jodi Smith | Comment Diversions | October 3, 2016 |

By Jodi Smith | Comment Diversions | October 3, 2016 |

Since Saturday night, I’ve watched Sinister, 1408, and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. I consider those good horror movies. I consider Sinister a terribly effective and well-done horror movie, to be more specific. I always try to watch at least 31 horror movies in the month of October.

Let’s be honest. It sometimes feels like there aren’t enough good horror movies to fill that 31 flick quota. I think that’s why I re-watch my favorites over and over again. It’s also why those favorites include a few terrifically less-than-scary movies that make me cackle and gleefully roll my eyes instead of peeing my pants and side-eyeing my kid.

Dead Silence

Oh, this is a turd. Except for the clown puppet. Fuck that clown puppet.

You’ve got Sookie’s brother and his wife receiving a strange ventriloquist’s dummy in the middle of the night and being unfazed by its arrival. Then there is the plot concerning a ventriloquist who died and vowed vengeance on a whole town. THEN DONNIE WAHLBERG SHOWS UP AND SHIT GETS AWESOME.


The Final Destination Series

Hear me out: I love these movies. They are disgusting and wonderful and gloriously twisted. However, the real stars of the movie are those deaths. You don’t watch a Final Destination movie to be scared. You watch to see how complicated Death can get in its plan.

I think Final Destination 3 is my favorite.


It’s your turn: What horror movie fails at the scares but makes you scream all the same?

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