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What’s the One Must-See Movie You STILL Haven’t Gotten Around To?

By Nadia Chaudhury | Comment Diversions | July 8, 2014 |

By Nadia Chaudhury | Comment Diversions | July 8, 2014 |

I have a confession to make: I’ve never ever seen The Princess Bride. Blasphemy! Inconceivable! References I don’t understand! It’s not that I don’t want to watch it. I really do, actually. I’m sure I’d love it, and that I’d quote it as much as everyone else, and that I’d fall in love with Westley, and appreciate the wisdom of a young Mandy Patinkin. It’s just that the right opportunity never arose. I never saw it in a theater, or in school, or with friends. (I just told a buddy about my Robin Wright ignorance, and he said, “Haha, oh man. I cant believe you haven’t seen it.” Granted, he still hasn’t seen The Godfather, so at least I have something on him. If I happened across it on TV, I never bothered keeping it on, because I knew I should pay proper tribute to the film and actually pay attention to it, instead of having one eye on the TV and the other on my laundry.

So what’s the one movie everyone gives you shit about because you haven’t seen it yet? But seriously, you NEED to watch The Wire


Nadia Chaudhury also still hasn’t seen Star Wars: Return of the Jedi much to her husband’s dismay.

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