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What Video Games Have You Spent Hours Playing?

By Jodi Smith | Comment Diversions | September 8, 2016 |

By Jodi Smith | Comment Diversions | September 8, 2016 |

Over the long Labor Day Weekend I spent probably 32 hours finishing up Mass Effect 2 and starting and finishing Mass Effect 3. As soon as I was done, I decided to attempt Mass Effect again. I gave up, again, and now I’m starting my second play-through of Mass Effect 2. Then I realized there was a DLC to get the motion comic that allows me to make choices concerning the first game to carry over into the second game.

Guess what I plan to do tonight?

I’ve been playing video games obsessively since Atari made its way into my home in the 80s. Pac-Man got a lot of play back then, as did that football game where I’m surprised I could tell which team was mine. Then Nintendo entered my life. Super Mario Bros. and all of the sequels were played multiple times on all the different Nintendo platforms. Joust. Battletoads.

I didn’t get super obsessive until Gamecube, I don’t think. That’s when I played Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem over and over and over again. I loved the sanity effects that made you think the entire game had been lost or overwritten. The tricks they played on your eyes and mind were so much fun at the time and would probably be enough to make you pee your pants on today’s game systems.

Next was Resident Evil 4. I had played the other Resident Evil games, but if you’re a gamer then you know how different RE4 was to the franchise. I played that one on two or three different gaming platforms, beating it on each one. I spent hours finding all of the secrets and attempting to outdo myself in combat.

Once I got my Xbox 360, it was time for Borderlands 2 to take up close to three years of my life at this point. I recently purchased The Handsome Collection so I could start again on my Xbox One. I have yet to find everything there is to collect, fight, or upgrade in that game and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. I start games with either Gaige the Mechromancer or Maya the Siren and I change up my powers, favor different weapon types, and play for hours at a time.

As you may have gathered, the Mass Effect trilogy (except fuck the first one) is my newest obsession. How about you? What is your gaming history? Do you have a game you can play for hours or even years?

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