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What Kind of Weird Referenda Are You Voting on Today?

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | November 2, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | November 2, 2010 |

It’s election day, and what’s most fun about mid-term elections is usually the strange referenda your states and localities try to squeeze in, often trying to take advantage of low-turnout combined with rabid constituents devoted to one particular issue. They also like to frame the questions in such a way that you’re not sure if a yes vote is for no, or the other way around. During the last election, up here, we had to vote no to say yes to gay marriage, and I’m convinced that the narrow loss on that issue can be attributed to confusing language. (We did, however, vote yes on medical marijuana, so while gays can’t yet marry here, they can get high together).

This year, our ballots are several pages long, thanks to eight referenda, though none are particularly exciting: Casinos, mayors, and allowing non-citizens to vote (which I agreed to vote yes on, in exchange for my wife’s vote on a particular gubernatorial candidate, who will still get beaten by the Tea Party candidate, making our state a laughing stock thanks to four more progressive candidates who will split the vote and the lack of a run-off election).

This is just a quickie diversion to elicit reaction to your voting experiences today, the weird ballot issues you might have faced, and maybe a place for some of you to commisserate. And if you haven’t yet, go vote.

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