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What Is The Greatest SEASON Of Television Drama Ever?

By Lord Castleton | Comment Diversions | June 16, 2017 |

By Lord Castleton | Comment Diversions | June 16, 2017 |

I’ve been planning on doing this post for a while, and had parked the title in The Overlords vault as a placeholder, and when I popped in today to actually write it, these raggamuffins had already rogue’d in to make a case:

[Ed.’s note: *Courtney scurries in, whispers “Damages Season 1” into the wind, scurries out*]

[Ed.’s note: Seth has finished this entry for you.]

The Wire, Season 4. There is nothing else. GTFO and go the fuck home.

[Ed.’s note: Dustin has amended Seth’s note]

Six Feet Under, Season 1: Jesus Christ, what’s wrong with you people? It’s OBVIOUS.


My first reaction, besides charmed laughter is how much we miss Courtney. Where are you? Come hoooooome!

That said, this is obviously a very untidy premise. So so so many good shows, especially in our lifetime. How can you pick just one show? It’s impossible. And now, more than that, you have to choose one season?

Well the good news is that the criteria gets to be decided by you. The only hard rule is: dramas, not comedies (we’ll do that later).

Without further ado, the nominees:

The Sopranos - Season 6

Or is it season one? How important was Junior or Ma Soprano?


Firefly - Season 1

It’s not a drama! Tell that to Inara as she watched Mal with Nandi. This show fucking holds up. Probably the worst cancellation in entertainment history.


Deadwood - Season 2

I mean, tough to go wrong with any season.

Thumbnail image for deadwoodtvforfav5.jpg

The West Wing - Season 2

A tour de force of political television. Did you love the Sam Seaborn years or were you a fan of the later stuff?


The Wire - Season 4

As a Stringer Bell guy, I’d lean toward earlier seasons, but Seth will dock my paycheck if I pick a different one. I get why people liked season 4 but I couldn’t get into it. Bite me, Seth.


Damages - Season 1

Haven’t seen it. People love it.


Friday Night Lights - Season 1

Maybe the best overall show in TV history. How do you pick a favorite season? #TexasForever


Generation Kill - Season 1

Haven’t seen it. People love it.


The Shield - Season 5

An under-appreciated show that changed so much about what we watch on television. Several amazing seasons.


NYPD Blue - Season 3

A powerful season on an iconic show, but did it get better or worse as time went on?


Rome - Season 2

Or was it season 1? How many shows can say every season was phenomenal?


Dexter - Season 4

Aaaand after that it completely shit the bed.


Shameless - Season 2

Another one with multiple amazing options.


The Leftovers - Season 3

Gets a tiny bump over Season 2, but it’s close…


Lost - Season 1

Or was it season 2? Or season 4?


Six Feet Under - Season 1

Tough to pick from so many astounding seasons.


Mad Men - Season 4

Or the final season?


Game of Thrones - Season 6

Or was it Season 1? Or season 2? Or season 3?


Homeland - Season 1

Or was it season 2? How much Dana Brody can you take?


E.R. - Season 1

Or was it season 4?


Boomtown - Season 1

Like Firefly, a single season. Cancelled too quickly. One of the greatest title sequences.


Justified - Season 2

Or is it season 6?


Breaking Bad - Season 5

Every season is powerful. Which Walter White do you prefer? Pre-Heisenberg or post-Heisenberg?


What show did we miss? M*A*S*H? Rectify? House of Cards? Miami Vice? Mr. Robot? UnReal (season 1 obvs)? Early The Good Wife? Felicity? Babylon 5? Is there a best season of Dr. Who? Or Sons of Anarchy? Or Boardwalk Empire? Or Oz? Or The X-Files? Or Twin Peaks? Or St. Elsewhere? Or Dynasty?

What show did we get right, but with the wrong season?

Jump into the comments to let us know!

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