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What Companies Have Personally Screwed You Over?

By Riley Silverman | Comment Diversions | July 28, 2016 |

By Riley Silverman | Comment Diversions | July 28, 2016 |

To make a long story short, I did a stand-up show sponsored by a major clothing brand back on June 8th that I’ve yet to be paid for. To make it worse, even though the very purpose of this show was supposed to be in celebration of LGBTQ+ empowerment for pride month, they also forced me to use my legal (Aka: boy) name on my invoice, then blamed said usage for why my check was delayed, after having repeatedly lied saying it had already been processed. On top of all that, they misgendered me in said email, which again, was for a show I was doing that was literally about rising up queer voices.

(Before anyone asks or plays “devil’s advocate,” I use “Riley” on invoices pretty regularly and it is never a problem as long as my tax documents are in order, which they were in this case. The issue of my legal name/professional name was addressed on June 22nd so it shouldn’t be relevant in late July)

The sucky thing about dealing with major corporations is that most of the time, there’s little you can actually do about it. In this case too, aside from a few impotent tweets that I fired off last night that likely won’t even be addressed, I can’t do much. I’m even a bit afraid to do it, because the show was partially to benefit and raise awareness of a charity that I don’t want to harm.

But, even in general, most of the time big companies can just sweep minor peasants like us under the rug. A few well timed tweets, a few insincere mea culpas and everyone but you will forget what happened.

Well not today! Today is your chance to rage against the machine. Today is your chance to say, “I’m mad as a hell, and I’ve totally had to take it, but I just want to say a few words to feel a little better about it for just one second in my Goddamned life.” Go ahead, fill the comments section with that time Johnny Rockets wouldn’t honor their own coupon for a free burger. Tell us about the time that American Airlines cancelled your connecting flight and left you stranded! Tell us about that resort hotel that only had down pillows even though you’re allergic!! Nothing will change, but you’ll feel better!

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