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Turning Off the "Bitchy People" Neon Sign for the Evening

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | November 18, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | November 18, 2010 |

How familiar are you folks with Tom Shadyac? He used to be something of the Bret Ratner of comedy films — a wealthy hired hand that made huge studio high-concept comedies, often with Jim Carrey. He directed Liar Liar, Bruce and Evan Almighty, The Nutty Professor and Ace Ventura.

He also directed Patch Adams. It would take a lot for us to forgive him for that.

But he’s trying. Shadyac lives in a trailer now. And no: He’s not some crazy Randy Quaid type. He decided after Evan Almighty — the biggest budget comedy of all time, at $170 million (and also a massive bust) — to sell his 17,000 square foot mansion and move into a trailer. He also started giving his money way. Why? After a bicycle accident, he had an epiphany of sorts: He realized that it was better to foster community and cooperation than competition and separation, and Hollywood was a huge contributor to the latter.

So, he quit Hollywood. Now, he’s making a documentary called I Am exploring that very topic. It’ll probably make $20 at the box office because no one cares about community and cooperation. Our society is one driven by bloodsport — our culture is a Palin comment thread blown up large. And the cynical among us will probably look at what Shadyac is doing and assume either he’s crazy or he has an ulterior motive.

We’re such assholes.

But in the spirit of Shadyac, and an idea from robert (not that one, a different one), I thought we could use this comment thread to retract some of our previous statements.

Here’s the email robert sent:

I’ve posted some really terrible and embarrassing comments lately that I wish I could take back or edit. I’ll be perusing the comments from a random post, see one and think to myself “That person is a complete dumbass and should be banned from posting” only to realise that it was MY comment. The lack of an edit feature is brutal.

Sooo, my incoherent comments are out there for the world to see and mock freely which led me to think that it would be a great Comment Diversion to ask people and reviewers what they have posted that they wish they could take back.

We are bitches, aren’t we? You know, if you type “bitchy people” into google, Pajiba shows up second, after a Yahoo Answers thread about things that only bitchy people do.

So what do you think, folks? Any regrets? I’ve had a lot over the years, besides instantly regretting breaking up with Ryan Reynolds yesterday. I also regret the freakishly skinny post — the intended satire didn’t come through, and it ended up reading as mean-spirited. I am often a mean-spirited person, but man: I do not like to be perceived as a lookist. There are countless others (calling out a a certain commenter from above the comment line a few years ago) but that’s hopefully a good enough start. Will it do any good, though? Or will a slow comment thread simply prove Shadyac right?

It’s been a weird week around here. On the East Coast, it’s Happy Hour. Internet beers and hugs all around, eh? Let’s turn off the “bitchy people” neon sign for the night (it’ll be back tomorrow, swearsies) and be uncool.

(Source: L.A. Times)

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