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There, That Wasn't So Bad, Was It?

By Tater Barley Banks | Comment Diversions | July 17, 2010 |

By Tater Barley Banks | Comment Diversions | July 17, 2010 |

Well, THAT was a chore.

It took parts of five days to move Tater Tot three blocks and then I looked around her new apartment, which is the size of a large dorm room with a kitchen, and thought: THIS is all the stuff you have? It took five days to move THIS?


Yes, it was a chore shlepping boxes in 95-degree heat but … I guess it could have been worse. Connecticut could be a dry state or something.

Anyhoo, we then headed back to West by-God because her car was more than a month past being legal there (yeah, we’re outlaws) and to get her driver’s license renewed. This required a trip to the DMV. We pulled up to the office and it was a challenge to find a parking place. Oh dear sweet honking Godtopus, the place was crowded, and I thought, this is going to be a nightmare. I envisioned our dessicated corpses sitting there, cobwebs floating around them cartoon-style, after waiting a year or 13 months for our number to be called.

Instead, it took maybe 45 minutes (we played “Now serving number …” bingo while we waited), and the DMV people even seemed reasonably pleasant about it, which now that I think about it is how they usually are.

Did I ever mention that I get my teeth polished at a place called Gentle Family Dentistry and the people there really ARE gentle?


So, this diversion is about experiences you’ve had that you just dreaded, you were steeled for the worst, you knew you were headed to hell, and then … it really wasn’t that bad. In fact, if you’re willing to admit it, it was even kinda … nice.

Maybe reading this diversion is one of them!

And if you’re just one of those negative types who can’t find ANYthing nice to say about anyone … well, first I want to high-five you, cause you’re usually right, and then invite you to counter with experiences in places where you thought, “This is going to be easy, piece of cake, everything hunky-dory here, I’m in complete control of this” and … not so much.

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