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There Be Spoilers Here: Worst Movie Ending

By Cindy Davis | Comment Diversions | May 16, 2011 |

By Cindy Davis | Comment Diversions | May 16, 2011 |

Before we even get into this afternoon comment diversion, let’s set a ground rule: No spoilers for movies currently in theaters or within the past six months, please.

Friday night I was trying to get caught up on my Danny Boyle and decided to watch Sunshine. I’d been in a Facebook discussion with another Pajibette, who was surprised I hadn’t already seen the film—come to think of it, so was I—it seemed right up my movie alley. Being of small mind and unsound body, I couldn’t quite figure it out either. Science Fiction, check. Cillian Murphy, check. Danny Boyle, checkity-check-check. Why haven’t I watched this before? I settled in with a nice Shiraz, smokey gouda and some crispy crackers, as Icarus II began its journey to the sun. A warning to you all; HERE BE SPOILERS…

So things are going along nicely, with Murphy and his blue eyes perfectly capturing the seriousness of the mission to save humankind, Rose Byrne wearing her perennial beautiful frown with matching furrowed brow and the rest of the international cast doing a fine job in their respective roles. As they inevitably do on most space missions, things begin to malfunction, go wrong, distress signals are heard and what seemed a straightforward plan is suddenly very uncertain. When it becomes clear that there is sabotage at play, the film takes on a familiar spooky tone and I (at this point thoroughly enjoying the story) sat back for whatever unimagined terror might unfold. And lo, what to my disappointed eyes might appear? A frakking glowing, warping, wiggly, melty-man? What?! Are you kidding me? With no logical explanation for what was—up to this point—a fairly logical storyline, we are faced with a silly, fiery, melty-man (who had been the Captain of Icarus I, the presumed lost ship that had first attempted this same mission). From the moment melty-man made his appearance, Sunshine was ruined, I could no longer take it seriously and it really didn’t matter what happened. What a shame, because everything had been going so well; I had really enjoyed everything up to that point. And then, I finally remembered why I hadn’t seen the movie and I recalled reading the reviews that had warned me off. I returned to the Facebook discussion and read the comment that had been left for me, “The ending was weird.” Bloody right, it was weird. And nonsensical and stupid. The ending pretty much ruined the whole film. So that’s my movie warning: if you haven’t already seen it and suddenly wonder why, don’t bother watching Sunshine.

Now help your fellow Pajibans ward off the films with horrible endings. What movie has the worst ending?

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