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The "Game Of Thrones" Death Watch: Episode 3.8

By Brandon Johnson | Comment Diversions | May 24, 2013 |

By Brandon Johnson | Comment Diversions | May 24, 2013 |

Welcome back to the Death Watch, a ranking of the likelihood of each character to get killed this season in “Game of Thrones.” As before, there WILL BE SPOILERS FOR ALL PAST EPISODES, and a strict NO FUTURE SPOILERS policy on the comments. Anything referring to the future is purely speculation.

For those of you looking to talk about future spoilers, stay for the read and take your comments over to Joanna’s post here.

Stannis and Melisandre have definitely caused the biggest stir this week. I really like the mystery around the powers of the Lord of Light. Up to this point, his power is not well known in Westeros, so it feels like we’re learning what’s he’s capable of the same way everyone else is. As far as this week goes, there’s really only one way to interpret Stannis saying the names into the fire. But can it really be that easy? Can he just keep Gendry captive to use his blood for demon smoke babies until nobody is left? I still have a little doubt, but it’s hard to doubt the power of the Lord of Light anymore.

Rating System:
1 = Safe
10 = Imminent Death

Biggest Movers from Last Week:
Joffrey: +5
Robb Stark: +5
Sansa: -4
Jorah: -4
Shae: +2

Daario: 1. I don’t think you introduce someone that grandly in the 8th episode if you plan to kill him in the next two episodes.

Arya Stark: 1. I still think Arya will reach Robb and company. However, if only Robb OR Catelyn are still alive, I think Arya will leave to find a way to have more impact.
Hound: 4

Beric Dondarrion: 2
Thoros of Myr: 4

Tyrion Lannister: 1
Sansa Lannister: 2. If someone was going to kill her, the time to do it was before the wedding.
Shae: 10. I’ve called for it most of the season, but I’m all in now. I think she’s getting killed next episode. Tywin will figure out what she is to Tyrion.
Tywin Lannister: 7. If I’m right about Shae, the big question is then will Tyrion finally turn against his father. There’s a better chance than not that he does.
Cersei Lannister: 3. Cersei just feels the need to kill someone at this point.
Joffrey Baratheon: 8.
Loras Tyrell: 4. At some point, don’t we have to see one-of-the-best-fighters-in-Westeros Loras as opposed to recent sulking, emo Loras?
Margaery Tyrell: 2
Lady Olenna: 2
Bronn: 3
Podrick: 5
Petyr Balish: 2. It looks like we won’t be seeing him for a while.
Varys: 2

Daenerys Targaryen: 1
Jorah Mormont: 3. He’s safe now. He’ll be starring alongside Dany and Daario in an upcoming romantic comedy. With dragons.
Barristan Selmy: 2
Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion (Dragons): 4 for one, 2 for the others.

Robb Stark: 8. Up from a 3. My how a week can change things in GoT.
Catelyn Stark: 7
Talisa Maegyr (Stark?): 5

Stannis Baratheon: 3
Davos Seaworth: 3
Melisandre: 2. Is she going to have triplets?
Gendry: 6. He gets a slight reprieve. If you can call what happened to him a reprieve.

Samwell Tarly: 2. Really Sam? Really? You finally do something right, you find the secret weapon to kill the white walkers, and then you just run away and leave it behind. Gilly is going to be so impressed with you when she finds out. REALLY??

Not Pictured This Week:

Theon Greyjoy: 2. Can I just say that I do kinda like these scenes simply because Alfie Allen is doing an awesome job.
Psychopath Torturing Theon: 3

Bran Stark: 1
Rickon Stark: 1
Osha: 1
Hodor: 1
Jojen Reed: 1
Meera Reed: 1

Jaime Lannister: 2. I hope they get to King’s Landing next week. I’m too invested for them to be out of two straight episodes.
Brienne: 2. Ditto.
Roose Bolton: 3

Jon Snow: 1
Ygritte: 5
Mance Rayder: 2
Tormund Giantsbane: 2

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