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The "Game Of Thrones" Death Watch: Episode 3.4

By Brandon Johnson | Comment Diversions | April 26, 2013 |

By Brandon Johnson | Comment Diversions | April 26, 2013 |

Welcome back to the Death Watch, your copious details of the likelihood of each character to get killed this season in Game of Thrones. As before, there WILL BE SPOILERS FOR ALL PAST EPISODES, and a strict NO FUTURE SPOILERS policy on the comments. Anything referring to the future is purely speculation.

For those of you looking to talk about future spoilers, stay for the read and take your comments over to Joanna’s post here.

We finally lost our first two people off the list this week. The guy from Astapor was easy, but sometimes you need to take the easy credit. Commander Mormont was not wholly surprising, but a little sad to see him go the way he did. Aside from that, I really loved Varys in this episode. Not only did he display why he is pretty safe (people need him for information too much and he is very calculating and thorough), but also why anyone that crosses him isn’t safe (Sorcerer-in-a-box). He also seems to want to do what’s best for the realm, I just have no idea what that is.

Rating System:
1 = Safe
10 = Imminent Death

Biggest Movers from Last Week:
Guy Who Thinks He’s Getting a Dragon: Dead.
Commander Mormont: Dead.

Jaime Lannister: 3. I think we saw him start to turn a corner and have the will to live. There are too many interesting scenarios to play out with the new Jaime that I think he’ll stick around for a while.
Brienne: 6. I love Brienne, but I’m starting to think that her purpose is to help Jaime turn that corner and then she’ll be gone.

Arya Stark: 1
Gendry: 7. After reading the comments, I went back and checked, and can’t find any reference to Stannis having a child. The only reference I find is Melisandre telling Stannis “[Your wife] has given you nothing, no sons, only stillborns.” Therefore, I’m sticking with my theory of Melisandre looking for Gendry until someone finds a reference to another living Baratheon.
Hound: 9. I can’t imagine them letting him leave that cave. And he didn’t seem excited to be fighting Dondarrion.
Thoros of Myr: 6
Hot Pie: 2
Nymeria: ?

Cersei Lannister: 4. Every week I flip on whether I think she’s really clever, or if I agree that she’s not as smart as she thinks she is. For now I agree with Tywin.
Joffrey Baratheon: 3
Loras Tyrell: 4
Margaery Tyrell: 2. As deeply as the Tyrells are getting involved into the politics of King’s Landing, I still can’t foresee anything happening to them yet. If anything, their strong positioning of themselves has put the Lannisters in more danger.
Lady Olenna: 2

Tyrion Lannister: 1
Shae: 7
Bronn: 3. I wish he had more of a role this season.
Podrick: 5
Varys: 2
Petyr Balish: 6. I never thought about him trying to rule until Varys said it. Then, there’s his possible desire to control the north via Sansa. Plus he’s put the crown hugely into debt with the Iron Bank of Brothers who would fund an enemy (him?) against the crown. It doesn’t really change his rating for now, but it’s an interesting potential scenario.
Sansa Stark: 6. Her being so valuable alive to so many people means she may be worth killing before they’d allow someone else to control her.
Maester Pycelle: 3
Lancel Lannister
: 2
Tommen Baratheon: 1
Myrcella Baratheon: 1

Daenerys Targaryen: 0. That was the best 5 minutes of television in recent memory.
Jorah Mormont: 7
Barristan Selmy: 3
Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion (Dragons): no more than 2 for any of them.

Samwell Tarly: 2. He wasn’t important enough for anyone to try to kill.

Theon Greyjoy: 3. Even though he’s been recaptured, I’m keeping his number low. At this point, it looks like they are just filling time and his story isn’t going anywhere.

Bran Stark: 1. We’ve barely seen this group all season, I don’t think much of anything will be happening with them.
Rickon Stark: 2
Osha: 2
Hodor: Hodor
Summer: 2
Shaggy Dog: 2
Jojen Reed: 2
Meera Reed: 2

Not Pictured This Week:

Robb Stark: 5. Even though he wasn’t in the episode, it seems like a few different plans hinge on killing him off. Though maybe not if he just keeps sitting around not doing anything.
Catelyn Stark: 3
Talisa Maegyr (Stark?): 3
Grey Wind: 3

Jon Snow: 1
Ghost: 4
Ygritte: 2
Mance Rayder: 2

Stannis Baratheon: 3
Davos Seaworth: 5

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