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Reunion Tour

By Tater Barley Banks | Comment Diversions | July 31, 2010 |

By Tater Barley Banks | Comment Diversions | July 31, 2010 |

I’m always happy to hear via e-mail from fellow Pajibans, especially ones who describe themslves as “a raving heathen” and “a selfish prick,” ESPECIALLY especially when they provide me with diversion suggestions so I don’t have to think of one myself.

Prickly heathen Adrian writes:

You’re probably bombarded with suggestions such as this from all sorts of neurotics [HAHAHAHAHA! yeah, whatever … — Tater] so I’ll try to keep this short. As a recent high school graduate, you can no doubt guess that I’ve done quite a bit of thinking about what my life may be like in the not so distant future (not that I haven’t wiled away these past four years fantasizing already…). Not just about myself but more specifically to what my despicable classmates and I will be like ten years from now. So my suggestion is this: “When you graduated from high school and/or college did you have any thoughts as to what you all (your classmates, teachers and yourself included) would be like ten years from now? And if you have attended your ten year reunion already, were any of your suspicions correct or completely different from the truth staring you in the face?” —Obviously, this suggestion can only be answered by a small portion of Pajiban society, but I’m a selfish prick and this is something that I’d be interested in reading (if only for the boffo/heartfelt things the Eloquents will no doubt conjure). Tater, you’re completely free to disregard my suggestion or embrace it, but if you would be so kind would you please e-mail me your choice? Thank you and have a nice day!

I DO vaguely recall getting some kind of notice earlier this year about my 35th high school reunion, and would I like to attend a social evening with the prickly heathens I graduated with and generally loathed, and I did with it what I’ve done with every reunion notice I’ve had: Tossed it in the trash. I … maybe “hated” is too strong a word for how I felt and still feel about high school, but I have zero interest whatsoever in renewing acquaintances with those people. I’ve moved on and I believe I’m healthier for it.

I attended a small college that doesn’t make a deal out of reunions — I’m not sure they’ve ever even tried to hold one. They just keep hitting me up for money, which I still refuse to send them because they own half the land in downtown Pittsburgh, so they’re doing a little better than I am.

Anyway, I happily have no reunion experiences to relate. All my classmates could be retired millionaires or they could all be dead, it’s all the same to me.

And maybe few of you have done the reunion thing as well, and I don’t want to shut out people from what’s always supposed to be a lively discussion, so I’ll expand on Adrian’s suggestion to include times you ran into someone you went to high school or college with and discovered that the loser then was now a retired millionaire, or the winner then was dead.

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