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By Tater Barley Banks | Comment Diversions | January 29, 2011 |

By Tater Barley Banks | Comment Diversions | January 29, 2011 |

Be careful what you wish for, they say. So I guess it was inevitable that if I asked for diversion ideas often enough, that idiot , would eventually write with one.

I mean, the guy spewed out something like 2,100 comments last year, which is bad enough (he just won’t S.T.F.U.), but he also thinks he’s funny (anybody who’s read his innumeramiserable comments for more than a day or so knows he’s hardly), so they were all worth about a tinker’s dam.

Get a load, for instance, of the way he started his e-mail to me:


Haiku! Gesundheit!

Well, I thought it was funny.

You can go fuc* your …

Aw s*it.


Har-dee-har-har. Is that hysterical or what?

So I was about to transmit his drivel directly to the “useless” folder for disposal when I spotted this link and figured, what the hell. (, noted that a punctuation haiku contest was “right up my colon, LOL!” He’s such a moron.)

But you know what? Some of those are pretty clever, so maybe ,’s idea that we have a Pajiku contest — a day dedicated to haiku pertaining to all things Pajiba, which pretty much includes all things — isn’t as harebrained as I think it is.

I have no prize to offer, except a slightly used testical in a jar of formaldehyde, and , didn’t offer one, so the funniest, the cleverest and the smartest among you will have to settle for the applause and approval of your peers, and really, isn’t that enough?

Unless you want the jar.

Snap to it, people.

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