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Long Live Rock!

By Tater Barley Banks | Comment Diversions | April 10, 2010 |

By Tater Barley Banks | Comment Diversions | April 10, 2010 |

Tuesday a bunch of us will pile in the Tatermobile and make the run up to Mr. Small’s Funhouse to see the Drive-By Truckers.

This is a band, a rock and roll band, and for one night of my life the greatest rock and roll band I’ve ever seen, and pretty much the only band I leave town for now (it’s a pretty good little town for music).

Now I’ve seen the DBTs something like a half dozen times and the rest of those shows were … fair to pretty good (I know TK saw them and was somewhat underwhelmed). But there was one night, about two years ago, when they somehow shifted into overdrive in the middle of one of their (typically two-plus hour) sets and turned it up to incendiary, becoming the single greatest thing I’ve ever seen, even though I was the bare-minimally het up on intoxicants.

I’ve been raving on and on about this to a friend who’s never seen them but is coming along on this trek. This is someone I’ve been going to concerts with for 30-plus years, including that strange night in Youngstown, Ohio, that he doesn’t quite remember all the details like I do, and he seems a little skeptical, so I better be right. *pressssssssssure*

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten that when we did the Diversion Diversion, some of you wanted to talk about music once in awhile. That’s cool, and today’s your day. We’ll let this one go several directions at once and see where we end up, ‘K?


First off, of course, what’s the best band YOU’VE ever seen? Or maybe the best concert? Are they necessarily one and the same? You could see a great band in the middle of a sucky lineup, right? Anyway, probably the best lineup and arguably the best concert I ever saw was Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Sonic Youth and Social Distortion, circa 1990.

If that’s not your cup of tea, name some good songs in bad movies. “Who Made Who” and “Pet Sematary” come to my mind.

Finally, what song(s) changed your life?

I tell people I’ve kind of lived my life backwards. Through my teens and college years I was a classic rock hound. I didn’t fall into the underground until one night in the mid-’80s, in my car somewhere in southwest Virginia (radio wasteland if ever there was one), beaming from the college radio station in Christiansburg came Husker Du’s “Green Eyes.” I had never heard a guitar like Bob Mould’s, and I buzzed to the record shop ASAP and started buying Huskers stuff, which eventually led me to bands like Fugazi and Dag Nasty and … to make a long boring story short, a whole new universe, and I’ve never gone back.

What’s YOUR story?

TATER BARLEY BANKS is not to be trusted. He probably makes up everything he writes about himself, especially the stuff about living in West Virginia. Don’t be fooled. In truth, he lives in Pajibaland, where he speaks gibberish as , (TCFKAB), spends his time sitting on a park bench, eyeing little girls with bad intent, and is developing a 25-letter alphabet, now that his key doesn’t work. He has no blog, no Facebook page and no MySpace page, so don’t try to find him. If you’re so inclined, you can email Tater.

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