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Let's Go, But Inconspicuously, Through the Window

By Mrs. Julien | Comment Diversions | December 23, 2012 |

By Mrs. Julien | Comment Diversions | December 23, 2012 |

When I was a little girl, my beloved brother would point out lights in the night sky and tell me it was Santa’s sleigh. I thought the brightest star was the Star of Bethlehem and returned every year. It was a magical time.

Now, I’ve got presents to wrap, eight kinds of cookies to make, and Maryland to drive to. Since “Christmas is for children”, let’s take a moment to remember what has been lost to us. No, not our childish sense of wonder, rather our lack of discrimination and taste.

Earlier this week, Three_nineteen, Sara_Tonin00, and I traded quotes from a movie I loved as a child, The Court Jester starring Danny Kaye. If you remember the film, you likely recognize this scene:

The Julien household was a formal one. There were only two things that meant we could eat a meal in front of the TV and The Court Jester was one of them. When Mr. Julien and I were courting, we rented it and snuggled up to watch, warm in our shared memories. It was even Christmas. The movie sucked. I mean it really sucked. It was limp, corny, and flat. We couldn’t get through it.

The other movie that we were allowed to watch while we ate our hamburger bun pizzas* in front on the TV was the glory that is the 1966 Batman movie:

And you know, it still works. I suspect because it was always awful and we always knew it. When we were young we didn’t care, and now that we’re old we can be all wry’n’ meta’n’sh*t. Yes, it’s a bit slow, but while the silliness of The Court Jester isn’t timeless, somehow ridiculousness of Batman is.

What childhood glory paled into insignificance when viewed with your older, jaded eyes? What held up? I call dibs on The Muppet Movie and Kermit singing “The Rainbow Connection”. It just keeps getting better:

*Ketchup, garlic, and oregano on a hamburger bun topped with hot dog slices. I dare you to try and out-WASP my family. The Dowager Julien once mailed me Easter chocolate in a Scotch bottle sleeve.

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