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In Real-Life Terms, How Will the Outcome of Tomorrow's Election Actually Affect You?

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | November 5, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | November 5, 2012 |

It is almost over, folks. Election Day is tomorrow, and we will finally elect a President, but more importantly, it’s the end of the endless political coverage, television ads, and the constant invasion of politics into your favorite pop-culture sites. It’s been a long, mind-numbling slog, and God help you, if you live in one of the battleground states. In the last six months, you’ve probably seen more of President Obama and Mitt Romney than you have of your own loved ones.

Before it all ends, however, I thought we could all take a serious moment and have a civil (?) conversation about the election, and what it means to you personally. Aside from morale reasons of having your chosen candidate run the country, aside from the horse race, and aside from wanting to rub a victory in your in-laws’ face, how do you think a Romney Administration — or a second Obama Administration — would affect you personally? Will it really make a difference in your day-to-day life? Has a Presidency ever really affected how you go about your day?

Aside from social issues that I’m obviously rooting for, this is the first election I can remember that could actually affect me on a personal level instead of an intellectual one. Somehow, I survived eight years of Bush, despite an economic downturn that very nearly took Pajiba down with it a few years ago when advertising revenue disappeared.

If Romney is elected, however, it would likely mean drastic changes in my life. Romney has promised that he would cut funding to the Legal Services Corporation — that evil organization that helps pay the salaries of those horrible lawyers who eschew scads of money to assist impoverished people — which would likely mean that my wife — a legal aid attorney — could lose her job. With new twins at home, and a salary that is being absorbed by child care, that’s not actually the worse thing in the world. In fact, my wife might welcome it. She essentially works for health benefits (which are not afforded bloggers), and with Obamacare kicking in soon, we might be able to find affordable healthcare coverage, allowing her some time at home with her kids. Oh, except for the double whammy of having a President that would not only eliminate my wife’s job but would also seek to eliminate our recourse for health benefits. Damn.

Maybe that works out for the best — my wife finds a high-paying job helping corporations with their legal problems (hey! Corporations are people, too) — or for the worse: I have to of find a real job with health benefits, which would mean leaving Pajiba in someone else’s hands (maybe you’d prefer that?).

It’s a scary prospect, but I’m sure that, for others, a second Obama Presidency weighs just as heavily. But I thought it might be useful for us all to take a moment and consider what we’re actually voting for tomorrow, aside from really wanting our candidate to win.

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