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I Am Now a Central Part of Your Mind's Landscape Whether You Care or Do Not: The Current Actor of Whom You've Had Your Fill

By Cindy Davis | Comment Diversions | November 13, 2011 |

By Cindy Davis | Comment Diversions | November 13, 2011 |

Yes Virginia, you can have too much of a good thing. Today, as I scoured the interwebs for inspiration, one of the first headlines I came upon was about Michael Fassbender considering a Robocop remake script. And as much as I love the man, I’m seriously worried he’s quickly going to wear out his welcome if he keeps up the pace (some of you have already expressed as much at the sight of a Fassbender photo ‘round these parts). The actor is currently promoting Shame, A Dangerous Method and Haywire, he’s committed to or in the process of making Prometheus, 12 Years a Slave and an untitled Jim Jarmusch project…and he’s signed on to do At Swim-Two-Birds. Though I understand striking while the iron is hot, Fassbender (along with his Shame co-star, Carey Mulligan) is already in danger of overexposure. One thing Hollywood cannot seem to get a grip on is the idea that just because an audience enjoys something, that doesn’t mean we want it shoved down our collective throats until we are gagging and puking. Can’t we ever savor something slowly over multiple courses, instead of being forced to feast endlessly at the dessert buffet? It’s the same with television and film; if a certain type of show or film suddenly hits it big and becomes popular, next comes the onslaught of copycats or similarly themed movies or shows. Almost nothing is allowed to be unique any longer, not even actors. And though this theme bleeds over into so many areas (in ways that drive me crazy, like all the brunette actresses who end up highlighting their hair, going to a light brown/dirty blonde and then to full on platinum) today we’ll focus our rage on the actors and actresses we’re already sick of. Is it our beloved Irishman (/German), or someone else?

Name the actor who, if you see him one more time, you will personally reach down his throat and pull his cojones up through his innards before shoving them out his ear.

Cindy Davis would never physically harm a hot dude.

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