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Common Goddamn Courtesy -- Too Much to Ask?

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | September 13, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | September 13, 2010 |

A few years ago, I was riding shotgun with a friend, stuck in a decent-sized line of traffic. At some point during the traffic crawl, my friend was nice enough to let another driver trying to turn into the traffic cut in. This other driver, however, neither honked a thank you, waved his gratitude, or even nodded in our direction to acknowledge the good deed. So, my friend did what any Arkansan faced with an discourteous driver would do: He followed him. At night. For about 45 minutes, long after the person had clearly driven past his house several times and not pulled in, fearing that we’d isolate his home and firebomb it.

My friend’s reaction was a little extreme, but courtesy, people. It’s not so much to ask for, is it? If someone is less than 10 feet behind you, you hold the door open. If you and your spouse run into a work colleague, you introduce him to your spouse; you don’t stand there and gab for 20 minutes while your spouse twiddles her fingers. It’s the one thing I don’t like about New England: Nobody ever says “thank you” to their waiter or waitress. At best, they give them a polite nod. If it were up to me (it clearly isn’t), I’d raise my child to say “sir” and “ma’am,” (according to my wife, that’s apparently archaic or demeaning in some way that I don’t understand). Simple rules, people: Cover your mouth when you sneeze, and don’t talk to people standing next to you at a urinal.

So, tonight’s diversion is this: What lack of common (fucking) courtesy pisses you off? And do you have any recent examples to illustrate?

Here’s a seriously lame video to help inspire you.

Etiquette Ninjas: Ep. 6 - “Dicks Who Don’t Say Thank You” - watch more funny videos

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