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The Unsettling, Voyeuristic Appeal of 'Where Are They Now?' Posts

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity Facts | October 18, 2016 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity Facts | October 18, 2016 |

One of the great things about parenting is the joy of introducing favorite TV shows and movies to your kids, and in re-watching them remembering long forgotten actors. They often inspire one of these “Where are they now?” posts, which can be dangerous because sometimes, you really don’t want to know. The outcomes can be depressing. A few months ago, for instance, my kid got into a 90’s sitcom I had introduced him to, and I looked up one of the actors and made some unsettling discoveries going through his Faceobok profile. He’d been arrested. He had been fired from a dead end job. He talked trash about his old television co-star, and seemed to blame him for some of the ails in his life. I wrote a post about it, but I pulled it down 5 minutes later. All the info was there for the public to see, but it felt too invasive. A public figure is not necessarily a public figure for the entirety of his life.

I felt similarly going through another unnamed actor’s Facebook profile this morning. He seemed to be happy enough, but struggling, sidelined by a medical condition. I opted against writing about him, too, because I got to wondering about how all of these former actors and actresses feel when Google alerts go off reminding them of what they used to do 10, 20, or 30 years ago. I’m sure it’s bittersweet. Like, “Hey! That was fun, but it was a totally different time in my life. He’s a different person than I am now.” For better. Or for worse.

But then there’s David Moscow.

My son is home from school a lot this month for the Jewish holidays, so I’m giving him a movie education from home, introducing him to all the age-appropriate necessities. Today, it’s Big. Twenty-eight years later, and it’s just as watchable as it ever was. Elizabeth Perkins is out of this world. The real star here, of course, is Tom Hanks, who landed his first Oscar nomination for the role. Best Actor nominations are rare in comedies, and this is probably the only body-switch comedy that ever fetched an Oscar nom. Hanks really is incredible in it, and there’s never a moment we don’t feel the vulnerability of a 12-year-old inside the 30-year-old man’s body.

Speaking of that 12-year-old, his name is David Moscow.


Four years later, he starred alongside Christian Bale in Newsies.


Moscow’s acting career hasn’t been what it was since Big and Newsies, but he is still working steadily. In fact, just last year, he launched a Kickstarter to fund his directorial debut, and exceeded his goal, thanks in part to a fun recreation of the scene in Big where he meets Zoltar. That movie, Desolation, is listed as being in post-production on IMDB.

Moscow has done much more than act, however. He’s also a real-estate developer, and in the 2000s, he developed one of the first privately funded, low-income green housing developments in Harlem.

In 2007, he also sold his Harlem home for $3 million, after splitting with the fiancée with whom he shared the home. Oh, and that fiancée? Just some lady named Kerry Washington. They met in high school.

I gotta say, if you have to be known for something, “the ex-boyfriend of Kerry Washington” is better than “that guy from Big.”

Rumor has it that they split in 2007 when Washington got involved with another famous actor who I won’t mention here. That’s just a rumor that was repeated on a bunch of sites, however, and we’re not going to repeat it here, Donald Trump-style. We’re really proud of ourselves for not talking about it. *pats back*

David Moscow has since married Karen Riolto. They seem very happy, and he seems very cool. As “Where are they now?” posts go, this one falls on the uplifting side of the spectrum.

Moscows en Miami!

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