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Zachary Levi Says Women 'F*cking Killed' Chivalry

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | June 3, 2016 |

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | June 3, 2016 |

Zachary Levi, star of Chuck, Tony-nominated performer, did an interview with Maxim. It…took a weird turn.

When asked his feelings about first dates, he had some thoughts.

Just don’t be a dick. Dating is so fucking dumb man, it’s so weird.

So true. Off to a great start. Well done, sir. Let’s keep this excellent back and forth going.

It’s so fascinating, girls say chivalry is dead. And it’s like if it’s dead, you fucking killed it. Because it used to be a guy could be a guy and a girl wouldn’t be offended if he got the door or something, and now it’s like “I can get the door for myself, I’m a strong woman,” and then it’s like “Fuck! I don’t know anymore.” First, know the type of girl you’re going on a date with, and if she’s into chivalry, that’s great, and if she’s not, then she’s not.


OK. Let’s unpack this and work through it together.

I feel like this is something that should require no explanation, but here we are. Women are not a hivemind. Some women might like having a door opened, some might not, some might have a very different concept of chivalry, some might be lizard people, I don’t know, we’re all different. I personally don’t like having the door opened for me or my chair pulled out, not even necessarily because I’m a strong woman who can do it myself but because that shit takes FOREVER and I have stuff to do like get into the car or sit down so I can order my food and I just don’t have time to wait for you to dance around like a goddamn pantomime prince baby and do your unnatural “M’lady, let me get your chair” peacock dance so I know how nice you are so I can hand you my vag on a platter. It’s just a whole lot of work.

Dating is dumb for lots of reasons. For you it might be that you’re not allowed to open a door for a lady. For me it might be you getting bent out of shape about not being allowed to dart in front of me to open a door and that this comes up often enough that you need to talk about it to Maxim. That’s your journey.

But, it opens up an interesting conversation. Pajibans, is chivalry dead? Should it be? Is what was once known as chivalry now known as just being a decent human being? Is chivalry actually the concept of being a decent human specifically to get your fuck-parts touched, and therefore should definitely be dead? Do you too hate the idea that someone needs to jog around your moving body to get the door that you were already on your way to get, simply disrupting the flow of bodily traffic and not actually a major feminist stance?

I deeply want to know your feelings about this. Unless your feelings are stupid. Share below.