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You Will Never Be As Cool As Zoë Kravitz (Complaining About Prince Being Too Clingy)

By Tori Preston | Celebrity | August 17, 2018 |

By Tori Preston | Celebrity | August 17, 2018 |

zoekravitz (1).png

Zoë Kravitz is cool. Like, impossibly cool. And I don’t just mean because she looks like, well, Zoë Kravitz (i.e. BREATHTAKINGLY GORGEOUS), or because her parents are Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, or because she calls stepdad Jason Momoa “papabear”, or because she’s the only person on Earth who could possibly pull off that lemon yellow nail polish, or because she just casually shows up in everything you love.

You wanna know how cool Zoë Kravitz really is? She’s so cool, she can tell an epic story about chilling with Prince and make him sound like an annoying, clingy uncle.

When Jimmy Kimmel asked her about the famous people she met growing up, and if any of them fazed her, she immediately launched into this tale of the time she ran into Prince at a club when she was 18 and then he… well, followed her around for a day? Basically, he found out that she was in town performing in a play, so he came to watch her. Then he invited himself to the afterparty, monopolized her attention, asked her if she’d ever seen Purple Rain (JESUS, PRINCE — EVERYONE HAS SEEN FUCKING PURPLE RAIN!), then fell in lust with a woman outside of the bar bathroom and made Kravitz introduce them.

Look, we’ve heard a lot of unique & personal Prince stories come out since he passed away. The man was a fascinating, mysterious icon — the kind of guy that you could hear almost anything about and be like, “Yeah, that sounds like Prince.” But even so, I wasn’t expecting to hear a story where the punchline is so banal, it’s basically, “Ugh Prince, leave me alone — I’m trying to talk to my friends!” And don’t get me wrong, Kravitz makes it very clear that this is all coming from a place of love and respect. To her credit, she’s also a gifted natural storyteller, and plays the whole thing off as though any of us could just wind up in Prince’s stretch limo, nbd. She’s so cool you don’t even hate her for being so fucking cool.

Oh, and just to top it all off, she went bowling with Meryl Streep. You know, as you do.

So uh, can I be Zoë Kravitz when I grow up?

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