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William Shatner Wants Us to Remember That He Is a Garbage Fire of Human Waste

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | July 18, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | July 18, 2016 |

William Shatner is one of those celebrities who doesn’t make big headlines, and is so iconic in his place in sci-fi history, that it’s easy to forget that he’s not simply the host body of Captain Kirk, he’s an actual person. And that that person is a dick.

Word of Shatner’s awfulness has been around for years— since the original series, in fact, when apparently all of his costars hated him.

This weekend, a whole bunch of internet Trekkies gave a solid head-cocked “wait, what?” when Shatner went on a Twitter rant about those damn cowardly SJWs.


But it gets worse. Or rather, HE gets worse. Earlier this month, Shatner joined fellow Star Trek legends Brent Spiner and Kate Mulgrew for a Montreal Comic-Con event. And while it sounded like a fun conversation, with some genuinely touching moments in discussing Anton Yelchin and Leonard Nimoy, it reportedly devolved into a shit swamp of WTFery when Shatner dove headfirst all the way up his own asshole.

As The Mary Sue reports it, Shatner interrupted one story about Leonard Nimoy to take a jab at Kate Mulgrew, saying he never watched her show. (Because Shatner is clearly one of those dudes who believes if it stars a woman, it’s not worth watching; and if he’s not watching it, it can’t be good. Cyclical sexism, everybody!) One female audience member shouted out that awesome catchphrase/t-shirt slogan:


And Mulgrew took aim at Shatner.

Mulgrew took a sidelong look at Shatner and sarcastically said, “Or in the kitchen, as the case may be.” Shatner immediately jumped in saying, “A woman’s place is in the fridge.”

It’s possible that Shatner isn’t familiar with the term “fridging,” and he just thought he was being funny, rhyming bridge with Mulgrew’s invocation of the old kitchen saying. Does that make it better? Does that make it funny? No, of course not.

However, if he DID know what he was saying, he was saying that women (or at least female characters) are meant to be killed.

Either way Shatner was so pleased with his little joke that he repeated it twice more during the panel. One of those times was during the Q&A, when a woman was asking Brent Spiner a question about what it’s like to play a non-human character. Shatner interrupted her to repeat, “Well, a woman’s place is in the fridge.” The woman then straight-up told Shatner, “It’s Mr. Spiner’s turn now.”

According to that account, here was the live audience’s response:

Shatner responded that that audience member should be put in the fridge, then he taunted Mulgrew when she said she wept when she wrapped shooting Voyager.

You say you wept? Wow. That’s so female. I can’t imagine the captain of a starship weeping.

Just a friendly reminder that we can— or at least try to— separate our heroes from the inflamed hemorrhoids who play them.