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Will Meghan Markle Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year?

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | November 19, 2018 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | November 19, 2018 |


Of all the things to worry about this Thanksgiving, being concerned if Meghan Markle, now officially a member of the English royal family, is going to be able to celebrate the American holiday seems like a top priority, right? I know that I have lost many hours (ok, nanoseconds) of sleep wondering if Meghan will be allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, and friends, I’m pretty sure she will be. I’ll tell you why, with a little help from the good people of

Per People:

There’s no official royal rule stating that she can’t observe the American holiday. And since Meghan made a point to incorporate several American touches into her royal wedding to Prince Harry in May, it’s likely that the new royal will bring a little Thanksgiving flavor to their palace home.


She and Harry also don’t have any planned outings on the festive day — which frees her up for Thanksgiving Day preparations.

First off, LOL that People thinks Meghan is going to cook the Thanksgiving meal herself—I thought the whole point of becoming a Duchess was so that you never have to cook again if you don’t want to. Anyone who’s ever cooked Thanksgiving dinner before knows it’s a labor intensive, stressful process. Meghan, if you’re reading this, pass on cooking. Enjoy your day!

Also, what may not be known to Americans is that English people basically have the option of eating a Thanksgiving meal every Sunday in the form of a traditional Sunday roast—so any chef in the Royal employ is most definitely going to be well versed in how to roast a turkey and assorted vegetables, and make stuffing. If I recall my time living in the UK accurately—the only things Meghan is going to have trouble tracking down are canned cranberry sauce (you can hem and haw all you want about how homemade cranberry sauce is better. You’re wrong. The tin and indentations from the can are what makes it delicious—so much so that you need to cut the sauce into circular pieces with the discarded can lid. I don’t care how lovingly your family has passed down their secret cranberry sauce for generations—the stuff from the can is better.), tinned pumpkin to make the pie (again, fight me) and the crunchy “onions” (we all know that stuff, whatever it is now, cannot be called onions) to go on top of the green bean casserole. With a little preparation, I’m sure Meghan can track down these rare ingredients in the UK—and probably pick up a can of root beer as well, because that is shockingly hard to buy over there, too.

Unfortunately, because Meghan is pregnant, she’s not going to be able to engage in the most time-honored tradition at Thanksgiving: getting too drunk and then fighting with family members. Not to worry, based on the spectacle her father’s side has put on in the past year, I can all but guarantee you a Markle will be getting sauced and airing their grievances, it just won’t be Meghan.

Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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