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OK, But How Excited Would You Be If Donald Glover Joins 'Black Panther 2'?

By Tori Preston | Celebrity | May 23, 2018 |

By Tori Preston | Celebrity | May 23, 2018 |


On the one hand, hearing that Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is in “informal talks” with Donald Glover to join the cast of Black Panther 2 is like… yeah, duh, obviously. It’d be a bigger news story if anyone in Hollywood was NOT considering hiring Donald Glover at this point. Dude can do everything, and between Atlanta, filling out Young Lando Calrissian’s capes, and his work as Childish Gambino, he’s on a helluva streak at the moment — not to mention the fact that he’s already on the Disney payroll for their upcoming “live action” version of The Lion King. But on the other hand, hearing that Glover may be in line to join the sequel is still exciting as hell, because that’s literally one of the only ways Marvel could improve Black Panther’s already-incredible lineup of talent.

Before we all start guessing who he might be playing, though, it’s important to note that the speculation comes from mysterious inside sources, as reported by Metro UK — which isn’t even Deadline-levels of quasi-legitimate. And to make matters worse, the report also includes this head-scratcher:

The source also teased the return of the much-loved villain Erik Killmonger played by Creed’s Michael B. Jordan, who is also now a movie producer.

The source added: ‘They’re still yet to decide if Michael B. Jordan will return in some capacity but if he doesn’t it’s likely Gambino may play some kind of villain.’

As everyone who has seen Black Panther already knows, [SPOILER] uhhhhh… Killmonger died at the end. So sure, maybe Jordan could return via flashback, or on the ancestral/spectral plane, or via goddamn Infinity Gauntlet fuckery for all I know (COMICS!), but I have a hard time believing that Coogler would nonchalantly upend that character’s pitch-perfect resolution. Unless, of course, he has a damn good plan.

Of course, considering Donald and his brother Stephen actually gave Ryan Coogler notes on his script for the first film, it’s not out of the question that Donald could already be talking to Coogler not just about a potential role, but about the sequel’s story in general.

So basically, Donald Glover may be heading to Wakanda. He may play the villain. And if he doesn’t, it may be because Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger has been resurrected for *insert reasons*. It doesn’t matter though, because regardless of what happens — we’re all going to go see Black Panther 2, AND we’ll still be obsessing over whatever Donald Glover gets up to next in his career. Really, all this potential casting would do is help save us some time in our already packed fan schedules.

H/T CinemaBlend

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