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Why the Internet Turned on Jennifer Lopez: An Explainer

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | April 5, 2024 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | April 5, 2024 |


I thought that we, the Internet, were in a good place with Jennifer Lopez until recently. Her and Ben Affleck’s reconciliation and subsequent marriage kept the gossip blogs afloat for months. She had a decent rom-com with Owen Wilson, Marry Me, and one of the most popular movies on Netflix last year in The Mother, not to mention the rave reviews she was still riding from Hustlers. She even appeared on SNL earlier this year and elicited an apology from Ayo Edebiri, who once claimed that JLo’s entire career was a hoax. The appearance in Ben Affleck’s Dunkin ad during the Super Bowl should have bought her another several months of goodwill.

But then she made a movie to accompany her latest album, both of which were ripped to shreds by critics. The documentary companion also contained more than a few moments that came off as tone-deaf. The Internet — mostly TikTok — ran with it. Two weeks later, JLo is an Internet joke, for now.

From my travails on TikTok, here are the three clips from the documentary that have generated the most mockery. First — and this one was floating around weeks ago — JLo is rejected by a number of celebrities whom she wanted to appear in her film. Seemingly, no one wants to work with her.

@lastinglooks J.Lo discusses who turned down an offer to appear in her musical film “This is Me Now: A Love Story”. #jlo #jlopez #thisismenow #jenniferlopez ♬ original sound - Lasting Looks with Jules

This clip has gotten the most attention over the last week. While working out, she sees her mussed hair in the mirror and very earnestly references her days as Jenny on the Block. “I like taking my hair out like this,” she says. “It reminds me, like, when I was 16 in the Bronx, running up and down the block. Crazy little girl who used to f***ing be wild and no limits, all dreams.”

@primevideo She really IS still Jenny from the block 🥲 #TheGreatestLoveStoryNeverTold #JenniferLopez #PrimeVideo #TheGreatestLoveStoryNeverToldPV ♬ original sound - Prime Video

The primary complaint here is that Lopez grew up in a nicer part of the Bronx, and even still, she has lived in Hollywood for the last three decades and is worth $400 million, so she should stop acting like she’s repping the Bronx from what is probably her private gym.

Here she is saying that her go-to order at the bodega in the Bronx was a ham-and-cheese sandwich with an orange drink, “if you know, you know.”

@latw_podcast We really from the Bronx #realnewyork #bronx #bronxny #newyork #jlo #jlotiktokchallenge #jenniferlopez #stitch ♬ original sound - Lit Aint The Word

Apparently, that’s not a thing in the Bronx (or anywhere?). She got a lot of shit for that. Still, the consensus is mostly that Jennifer Lopez should be herself — not “Jenny from the Block” but the glamorous, wealthy woman who lives in Los Angeles and is married to an A-list actor and won’t let people look her in the eye (allegedly). People like that person — or at least respect her — but not the sad woman who pretends that she still represents the Bronx and can’t get Ariana Grande to appear in her shitty movie.

I suspect the mockery, however, will end soon enough, and the audience will come back around in her favor. It’s the ups and downs of celebrity.

(H/T Seth, who made me go into TikTok)