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How Is Celebrity Serial-Assaulter Vitalii Sediuk Not In Prison?

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | September 28, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | September 28, 2016 |

Just last week, Vitalli Sediuk got elbowed in the face by Gigi Hadid after he ran up from behind, grabbed her and lifted her into the air. He later said this was a political message for Anna Wintour because she’s disrespecting the fashion industry by hiring Instagram models or some nonsense. I don’t know, all I heard was


Now he’s hit fashion week again, this time trying to grab Kim Kardashian. I can’t imagine anyone’s ever accused Sediuk of being too much of a thinker, this seems to be an especially idiotic move, since it seems obvious that Kim would be walking around with a huge security detail.

Here’s her bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, whom, according to his Twitter bio, TMZ named the Biggest Bodyguard Ever. Gigi Hadid got in some solid hits, but Duvier puts him down hard.

Sediuk already attacked Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion Week two years ago. He’s also attacked America Ferrara, Bradley Cooper, Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, and last fall, put his mouth on Miranda Kerr’s face without permission.

This tweet from Kim Kardashian’s bodyguard was from a few days ago, and I would say it was ominously foreshadowing today’s incident, if only Sediuk were an outlier instead of a representative of entitlement.

So after years of accosting celebrities, the question has never stopped looming: How the hell has this man not served serious jail time?

Because no matter how many times various major press outlets call his actions “pranks” or “antics,” this is straight-up assault. I don’t want to hear any “it’s not really assault because he didn’t really hurt them” bullshit. He rushed Brad Pitt and broke the glasses on his face. He buried his face in Bradley Cooper’s crotch. A six-foot man running up and grabbing Gigi Hadid, or lunging at Kim Kardashian, all of that is assault. Assault isn’t just hitting someone, it’s (according to the legal internet) “the threat or attempt to strike another, whether successful or not, provided the target is aware of the danger.”

And apparently at least a few judges have agreed. It’s remarkable that he isn’t serving time, but after the America Ferrara incident at Cannes two years ago, he pled no contest to battery and unlawful activity. He was sentenced to 20 days of community service and a year of counseling, as well as three years of probation. He was also banned from Hollywood events.

You may be wondering if these attacks on Kim and Gigi constitutes breaking probation. I’m wondering how that attack on Ferrara two years ago wasn’t breaking probation, since just over a year before that, in early 2013, he rushed the stage at the Grammys to interrupt Adele’s acceptance speech. He narrowly avoided a six-month jail sentence, and instead was banned from events and placed on probation.

I don’t normally like to encourage or support violence, but since legal action and official bans aren’t working, at least models and bodyguards are all ditching any need for restraint and hopefully giving this asshat pause.