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Why is Chet Haze, AKA Chester Hanks AKA Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s Son, Like This?

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 6, 2020 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 6, 2020 |


Oh, friends. In case you missed it last night, Chet Haze inexplicably introduced himself at the Golden Globes in patois, and, well, the results were not great, Bob. Not great at all.

For the record, this guy was born in Los Angeles. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s not cool to put on someone else’s cultural identity as a fun, kicky way to talk as a lark, as this guy seems to have done. I’ll let Chanté Griffin at The Root explain why:

It’s another example of white folx thinking than can say whatever they want simply because they’re black-adjacent: Chet plays the rapper Blake on FOX’s Empire, and his daughter, Michaiah is black.

But proximity to blackness doesn’t grant permission to mimic it.

This isn’t Haze’s first brush with “why are you acting like this!? WHY?!” You may recall that he was insistent he could use the n-word up until 2018, as The Root pointed out, which … come on now. That word has never been OK for white people to say. Ever. We all know this, even if some of those among us keep trying to find loopholes. There are none. Stop fighting it, and more importantly, stop f*cking saying it. He’s walked back his own stance on using it, since, claiming drugs, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean his white privilege, which still seems to be fully on display here.

So, to answer the question I posed in the title of this post: I do not know why Chet Haze is like this. Had he just tried on a cockney accent, this all could have been avoided and he would have gotten the same amount of “WTF” attention he was so clearly craving without trying on anyone else’s cultural identity as his play clothes. Hell, had he spoken in pig-latin, or in a series of “beeps” and “boops” that could only be construed as “Roboteeze” I would have been all-in on that. He didn’t and that’s too bad because what he chose to do was gross. Come on, Chet … next time be better, and maybe stop to understand why what you did sucked in the first place. Barring that, brush up on your Roboteeze, please and thank you.

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