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When Being An Prig Goes Right: Why Are We Still Listening To This Guy?

By Claude Weaver III | Celebrity | August 27, 2021 |

By Claude Weaver III | Celebrity | August 27, 2021 |


Hello! Were you having a great day? Well, I’m here to bring all the good vibes back down! Because there must be a balance between good and evil (or at least that’s what evil wants you to believe).

I have not given Kanye West a solitary thought since around Yeezus. I realized then that his antics, which shifted between narcissistic grandstanding and desperate cries for help were too much for me. The only thing I could do as a one-time fan was to walk away. But living in Atlanta, I couldn’t escape the noise around his upcoming album Donda, especially after he moved into the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to work on it and held a listening event to promote it. He later moved to Chicago’s Soldier Field to continue, and I was happy to let it fade from my brain again.

Until this morning.

Last night at his latest listening event, amongst his usual stunt bullsh*t like recreating his wedding with Kim Kardashian West onstage (yes, she and the kids were there), Kanye (now legally changing his name to “Ye”) invited two of his fellow musicians onstage to commiserate a bit.

One of the guests was “embattled” rapper DaBaby. Last I heard, he was deleting his weak Instagram apology after three weeks and ironically whining that anybody still criticizing him were “cry babies”. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m not a fan of DaBaby.

But hey, I can somewhat understand bringing him on stage. He has a featured verse on Donda replacing … Jay-Z of all people, which means some real sh*t must have gone down. I know DaBaby is still popular with some, but I don’t see how even Ye thought replacing his collaborator from the quintuple-platinum Watch The Throne with … this guy was in any way a good idea. Maybe he thought Hov wasn’t being supportive enough. It could be that Jay-Z pulled his verse himself because he saw the trainwreck coming. We don’t know! The only thing we do know is that DaBaby is on the song now, so him being there makes a lick of sense.

What doesn’t make any damn sense, however, is the fact that Brian “Marilyn Manson” Warner came on stage too. From AV Club:

Per Pitchfork, both men joined West out on the field tonight, hanging out outside a replica of the musician’s childhood home, awkwardly milling about, and presumably serving as a statement of some kind of intent from West, who does not appear to care that Warner is facing sexual assault allegations and lawsuits from multiple women related to incidents stretching across decades of his career.

As far as I can find, Warner has no presence on Donda. He did not perform or even speak at this event. He just sat on the stoop of this fake house with Ye. He was only there as a desperate middle finger to anyone who gave a fuck about … anything.

Also, in case you needed to guess (emphasis mine):

…the musician—who’s been promoting his new album in typically Kanyesian fashion of late, through a series of elaborate live shows and apparently deliberate delays—would be skipping vaccination requirements or COVID tests for the jam-packed event at Soldier Field.

I could say “super-double-ultra-mega f*ck all these guys, and the people who came to see them,” but that’s too easy. Even in my most generous viewing of this, the only thing I can come up with is that West wants people to STOP. ENABLING. HIM. Please, I ask you, fans of this man: Let him go! He doesn’t want to be doing this anymore! He clearly hates every single bit of his celebrity! He has been making this clear for years now, and he isn’t subtle about it. He even went full Wicker Man onstage at this event! Does he need to scream “CANCEL ME” like Daniel Caesar*? LET THIS MAN GO TO HIS RANCH AND DEAL WITH HIS SH*T!

But then, if these folks cared about anything other than their own entertainment, they wouldn’t be attending a possible superspreader event with no COVID protocols in the first place.

Oh, and speaking of people we shouldn’t be listening to, but for even worse reasons:



*Fun fact: it took me fifteen minutes to find the right combination of search terms to pull up what his name was. That’s how gone he is (and how many musicians have “canceled” attached to them).

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