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What’s Up with Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson?

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | March 13, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | March 13, 2019 |


One of the dumber aspects of dating, in my opinion, is the need to list that “you love to laugh” or “are looking for someone to laugh with” in a dating profile, or when you’re explaining to a misguided friend who wants to set you up with a dude who brews his own kombucha that asks “so what are you looking for?”

As a general rule, people enjoy laughing, it’s just one of those things that is sort of common across the entirety of humanity—and friends, Pete Davidson makes Kate Beckinsale laugh, apparently. At least according to

“She’s very happy with Pete,” a source close to the actress, 45, told PEOPLE. “They have really similar senses of humor and she’s always laughing with him.”

This is them, sharing a sense of humor:

(If I have to see that image, so do the rest of you. I am a cruel, and vengeful person)

She may be happy, but her ex, Matt Rife, has some words of warning for Pete:

TMZ caught up with Rife to ask if he had any advice for Davidson, 25, about Beckinsale. The comedian responded jokingly, “Man to man? Run.”

Look, Rife may be telling Davidson that Beckinsale is cuckoo for cocoa puffs, but he also could be subtly letting him know that Kate likes a dude who does cardio. Or maybe, just maybe, Kate doesn’t like a dude who does cardio, and Matt is setting Pete up to fail, setting the stage for a reconciliation.

There’s a lot of options on the table here, which People, in their infinite wisdom have decided to not go into, leaving me to get to the bottom of it myself.

I thought about calling my usual sources (shamans, underground crystal healers, psychic dogs) but I realized that by the time I would hear back from them, the nature of the relationship may have changed (aka, they broke up) so I realized I was on my own, here. Typical.

So what do we know about Kate and Pete, or “KaTe” (which is the celeb couple name I just gave them)?

Well. We know that they like to laugh (duh.) Enjoy making out at basketball games (who doesn’t?!) and they may or may not do cardio together, based on what Kate’s ex said to TMZ.

We also know that Bethenny Frankel thinks he shoots diamonds out of his…well, I’ll let her tell you:

Winner, winner chicken dinner.

Friends, I think Frankel may be on to something. Or maybe not, but since Rover the Intuitive (he’s a german shepherd) hasn’t gotten back to me, we’re going to have to go with the sage wisdom of the woman who let a reality show film her peeing in a bucket on her wedding day.

So there you have it, the definitive answer to: What’s Up with Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson?

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