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What We As Women Can Learn from the Leslie Jones Hack and Continued Harassment

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | August 24, 2016 |

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | August 24, 2016 |

After a few weeks of wonderful, Leslie Jones was hit hard again by the legion of online monsters who tried to crush her last month. Only this time, it went beyond words, memes and Photoshopped tweets. They hacked her website, released nude photos, scanned personal documents including her passport and much more.

Early Wednesday, the hackers seemingly snagged personal information of the Saturday Night Live cast member including her passport and driver’s license and also posted private photos via iCloud. That material then was posted on her site. With the photos and other info now removed, a GoDaddy holding page has replaced that site. Also on her Twitter page, a previous link to the site is gone.

They came to hurt her. They came to tear her down. Because she was in a movie. Because she was a black woman in a movie. Because she was a black woman in their white man movie.

So what are women to take away from this?

That if we don’t look the way they want us to, they’ll attack.

That if we’re black, they’ll attack.

That if we’re darker-skinned black, they’ll really attack.

That if we’re older than they deem acceptable, they’ll attack.

That if we try to be part of what they think is theirs, they’ll attack.

That they want us to fail.

That they want us humiliated.

That they want us small. They want us to be nothing.

That we exist for their consumption and if they do not want to consume us, we deserve what they give us.

That “not all men” are like this but how much worse they make it by bringing that up.

That “not all white people” are like this but how much worse they make it by bringing that up.

That despite what they keep saying, they don’t actually think all lives matter.

That there’s nothing we can do.

That no one is protecting us.

That even after what feels like a win, they’re just looking for more ways to knock us down.

That we’re alone in this.

That a lot of us are more alone in this than others.

That someone needs to do something.

That we need to be loud.

That we need to fight.

That we need to protect women and stand up for women, all women, all the time.

Because they won’t. So it will have to be us.

Stand up for Leslie, for all women who are being attacked and harassed. And do it right now. With whatever voice, whatever privilege you have. Because they’ll never stop. And that means we can never stop either.